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Cycle 2 Riches

I want to give you a small update on how things are going with Cycle 2 Riches. So far we have 299 Pre-Launch members and the deadline is 894, so if you want to be in the Founders group you need to join now and upgrade to get that high early bird spot.

As you might know Cycle 2 Riches is different than others 2x Cyclers / Board programs because it has some unique never seen before features. I want to explain those feature now briefly which are : 1 – Dual Re-entry 2 – PIF (Pay It Forward) Credits.

1 – Dual Re-entry
This feature consist in helping your downline and not leaving them behind as it happens in other 2x programs, once you complete your first cycle normally you would move to a new board under your sponsor and build that board, your referrals are then left behind as you keep on cycling new boards. Here on Cycle 2 Riches you get a Dual Re-entry, you get one position under your Upline and another position under your Downline, this way they won’t be left out and you can keep on building under the same people you referred. Win-Win.

2 – PIF Credits (Pay It Forward)
This is not a brand new feature but the way they are using it really gives us a huge advantage, now in Pre-Launch every founding member must purchase 2 PIF credits which will be placed in your downline when the company officially launch, you get the Referral Commissions and Matching Bonuses on these referrals, now those being placed under you are only going to be members buying the PIF credits package so the two referrals you get will also get two referrals and so on, down many levels. This will create an unseen wave of cycles and lots of movement and momentum.

If you want additional information about Cycle 2 Riches compensation plan you can read my earlier post about it HERE

To optin for additional information visit Cycle 2 Riches Team
To directly sign up go to Cycle 2 Riches Official Website

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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana

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