Cycle 2 Riches Official Launch Approaches

Cycle 2 Riches is approaching its Official Launch.

C2R Pre-Launch wasn’t built on dates or programming like most of the programs but instead on a membership goal of 894 Paid Members, once the company reach this number it will officially launch to the public and all of the features will be fully functional. Right now there are 550 Paid Members and by tomorrow there are surely going to be an additional 100, so the time left to join as a FOUNDING member is very, very short.

You would ask yourself :

“What is the advantage of joining before Launch and being a FOUNDING member?” You might also be wondering “What will happen at Launch?”.

Let me answer those questions for you!

1 – What is the advantage of joining before Launch as a Cycle 2 Riches FOUNDING member?

There are many advantages of joining as a pre-launch / founding member.

*You get positioned in one of the top spots in the company before the public.
*You get two PIF’s credits, which are Pay It Forward members that are going to be placed in your downline directly from the company.
*Higher Spillover potential.
*Start Earning right away and payments paid on a daily basis.
*And Much More…

2 – What will happen at Launch?

Once the company launch, they will start an advertising campaign to get all of the prelaunch / founding members PIFs credits awarded. Payments are processed three times per day. All of the products will be live, including website hosting for a one time payment (This is unique). Dual Re-entries will start to roll in and create a huge amount of spillover and cycles.

As you might know already one of the unique features that Cycle 2 Riches offer is the Dual Re-entry where you or your sponsor gets a new entry under his / your downline. Right now once we cycle we only get a new position under our upline but once the company launches all of those pending Dual re-entry will come into place and create a massive amount of cycles and spillover as those will be placed under downline members and not upline.

If you are looking at Cycle 2 Riches then STOP! Contact me or Join Now and take advantage of this opportunity for a one time payment and the early positioning.

To Join visit : Cycle 2 Riches Team website

For questions feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)


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  1. Ransford Dodoo says:

    I’m really grateful to be part of this opportunity, it is only those who are determine and focus will create wealth for their lives. Be part of this site and I believe U will never regret. Thanks and be part of this family…..Ransford