Dallas National Wealth Team A Completely Done For You Cashflow Solution!

**This post is being left online for informational purposes only. The project failed and
did not produce as advertised. I no longer endorse DNWT or any program managed by James Brown. 

The Dallas National Wealth Team is quickly becoming the go to place
for entrepreneurs who have tried and failed miserably at generating passive income online.
The program is headed by James Brown a 20 year Network Marketing Industry Veteran
who has been administering the concept successfully for over 14 years.

The program was originally designed to work hand in hand with infinity downline and infinity 100
which were two of Peter Wolfings programs. After Wolfing changed the name and combined his
programs into what is now known as The National Wealth Center Brown realized it was time to make
a change.

In mid may 2015 the Dallas National Wealth Team began to separate itself from National Wealth
Center and created it’s own program that is designed to provide two things for it’s members.

1) A service that does the selling, presentations customer service, training, set up and follow up
and ethical distribution of new members to insure that virtually all members are in profit within
their first 30 days in the program.
2) A Marketing Machine that does the sourcing of the advertising venues, the managment of the ad
campaigns, creation of the ad copy and management of the ad budget.

The program appeals to the 97% who never make any significant money online but still offers a
direct reward for those who choose to share the program. So how do you make passive income
with the Dallas National Wealth Team?


You must be invited by a current member. (I got you covered with that) next you
must send an email to the management of the program letting them know you are ready to get started.

You will need the following to join.

1) $200 in your Pay Pal Account or at least with a credit card or bank linked to your Pay Pal Account.
2) Your Pay Pal Account needs to be a business account. (Management will show you how to set this up if
you don’t have one already)
3) The contact email to submit your request ( I got you covered on this as well)

That’s it! Once you submit your info you simply wait until you are contacted by management
and they set you up in the system! Once you are in que you are fast on your way to
receiving $300-#4800 per month in passive residual income in as little as 12 months WITHOUT
YOU Ever lifting a finger to get it!

Most everyone is in profit within their first 30 days!

Here is the downside.

They only accept 40 new members per day to control the growth of the program!
YES there is a waiting list but when you have a direct referrer like me you
get can leap frog some of those who may have been generated by the advertising of the company
and not a current member of the program.

To learn more and secure your spot in this completely done for you income opportunity
Visit my Dallas National Wealth Team overview page.


* I no longer endorse this program. Go Here to see my number one Passive Income Program

This is the ONE program in 2015 you do NOT want to miss out on!

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Victor Brown III
3 John II

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