DNM.ME – Hyip Monitor

DNM.ME – Hyip Monitor

Hyip Monitor Introduction

DNM.ME is the newest addition to the DoNothingMoney portal. When you are working online specially making a full time income there is no doubt that you need to diversify.

We hear just just often enough to help us move to the right direction. Diversifying will reduce your risks and increase your long term success.

I am always diversifying, you can see it here in my blog. I make money through list building, affiliates program, monetizing my blog, income opportunities, hyips, cyclers, offering advertising and more.

HYips (High Yield Investment Programs) are very risky but they can also be very profitable if you follow the right leadership and strategy. Lately I am seeing more and more people moving back to hyips and that is why I am launching the DNM.ME Hyip Monitor. To diversify and at the same time give my readers exactly what they are looking for.

If you want long term stable revenue share programs, you have them here.
If you want active programs that require sponsoring others, you also have them here.
If you want Multi Level Marketing companies that have been around for decades you can find them here.
Affiliates programs, you can also also find them here and now…
High Yield Investment Programs can also be found here.

I am requesting your support to help build and maintain my hyip monitor website.

You can access it through the link or banner below, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to contact me.

DNM.ME – http://www.dnm.me

DNM.ME High Yield Investment Programs

Like I said earlier, hyips can be very risky but also very profitable. If you want to succeed in the “Hyip Industry” you need to follow certain guidelines.

These guidelines must be followed to be successful in Hyips but from time to time you can make some exceptions.

How To Be Successful when Joining Hyips.

1 – Always make sure to invest only the money that you can afford to lose. Never use your bill money, your food money or any amount of money that you can’t afford to lose.

The instability of hyips (here today, gone tomorrow) should always be taken seriously.

2 – Don’t put all of your money in one program.

We are back to diversifying, let me make my point with a simple example.

If you are going to spend $1,000usd, don’t put it all in just 1 program. Instead you can do $330 in 3 different programs or even $200 in 5 different programs. This will increase your chances of being a successful hyip player.

3 – Always look at the plan details.

I first mentioned that following these guidelines will help you become a winner but that you can make exceptions. That is programs that stay around for years.

Stay away from the programs paying super high returns, those normally last only few weeks and at max a month or two.

Programs paying 125% in 1 day, or 500% in 4 days are extremely risky and will never last more than 30 days.

Programs paying 1.8% daily for 180 business days or 2.15% for 200 business days and so normally last the longer. From time to time there are key programs that last 1-2 years, which is enough to make you a small fortune if you had the right approach.

4 – Get your money out as soon as possible.

This is basically a strategy and doesn’t have to be necessarily followed but if you are in financial distress, take your money out as soon as possible and then play with the profits.

If you can afford your investment without problem then you can choose long term plan and compound for 2-5 months and then start to withdraw big sums.

5 – Be careful with changes such as delays, new plans, etc. (Red flags.)

Changes are never good in Hyips. Whenever you see a change in payment schedule, a new “better” plan being added or anything that wasn’t there 2 months ago and everything was fine can be considered a red flag.

Whenever you see or even feel that there has been some changes (red flags) start withdrawing your money. The only way to lose is by not withdrawing.

The only way to win is by withdrawing. So withdrawing is always good.

6 – Be active & Refer others.

This is completely optional. The main reason why people are scared of active programs is because they have to referĀ  others but in Hyips you don’t have to refer anyone so its easy to refer.

Become active and refer others, it can make a huge difference in your income. In fact you can get in profit on Day 1 if you do so. Here at DoNothingMoney Blog, I have tons of guides with step by step instructions on how to get referrals.

7 – Set up your strategy from the beginning.

If you are a “big fish” go for it right away. Take the risk, start big and get going with your strategy. The sooner the better as Hyips become riskier with every passing day.

They can be here today and they can be gone tomorrow. So if you are going to compound, go for it. If you are going to withdraw, go for it but make sure to know exactly what you want to do from the beginning.

These are just some suggestion I can keep going but that is it for now.

Bookmark this link and get back to it each time you join a new program.

I will make a new post explaining several different strategies that can be followed when participating in hyips.

You can Subscribe to my DNM.ME Newsletter to get more information like this @ http://www.dnm.me

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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  1. Nice move, succes with the start of it, i will follow the monitor

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