Effortless Income WITHOUT Selling Or Recruiting – Boom Direct

BoomDirect has been online since January 17th 2015.

This post is being left online for information purposes only. The Boom Direct Program
has changed direction and has not communicated effectively in regards to their
new direction. I no longer endorse this program until I have full clarification of their
intentions especially in regards to U.S Members. Check back for updates. Todays date is 4/25/2016
I have had direct contact with the owner a number of times to get my questions answered. Their business model is virtually transparent.
The concept is real simple. You purchase advertising vouchers for as little as $25.00. The company uses the funds and pays for
advertising on websites like Google and Facebook.
Boom Direct advertises the products and services for three merchants at present. Each partner provides real services and products to consumers
across the globe.  The company is paid per lead generated in some cases  and per sale generated in all cases. Sometimes both.
The company then shares 80% of what it generates in sales with members like you and me on a weekly basis until we receive a rebate
of 140% of what we spent on the advertising vouchers. They keep 20% for company profit!
Finally, real business generating real profits that we get to share in!
There is NO sponsoring required to earn weekly
No monthly fees to pay
No ads to click
No ads to post
We get paid an average of 2-6% per week until we receive back 140% of what we spent. As an example if a person purchased $10,000 in
advertising vouchers. They would get paid weekly until they receive $14,000 in rebates!
I have been with the program since July and have been paid every week. The minimum I have received was 5.5% per week and as high as 5.95%.
Although there is no requirement to recruit others there is a generous compensation plan that pays you through 4 levels of referrals.
To learn more about boom direct and and enroll at no cost
**Promotion of boom direct is on hold until future notice.
I highly recommend you consider reviewing my TOP Pick for Passive Income Opportunity
Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Victor Brown III
3 John II

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