EgoPay Is Growing

EgoPay as Payment Processor

EgoPay launched almost a year ago as a getaway payment processor to Payza. Eleven months to be exact when Alertpay changed to PayZa.

I remember PayZa making tons of changes, removing hyips all together from its terms and becoming more strict due to many regulations being implemented by the authorities. EgoPay was born after all these changes.

EgoPay grew really fast as the demand was enormous at that time. The only option to fund and withdraw money from EgoPay was Payza. So people had a way to participate in certain programs using Payza indirectly.

OkPay also became popular around that same time. Today EgoPay is now a standard when it comes to money making opportunities online and OkPay keeps on growing.


EgoPay is growing. Today for the first time I saw the option to Deposit / Withdraw funds from my EP account to OkPay, which adds more flexibility and guarantees even more growth for this company.

After the closure of Liberty Reserve and what is going on with STP, PayZa, Perfect Money and all the other payment processors, it is really important to stay diversified.

You got that right. You now need to diversify your funds between different payment processors as you diversify between different programs. You never know what can or is going to happen and is better to be safe than sorry.

Get an OkPay account, EgoPay account, PayZa account, STP, Perfect Money and as many as you can. Get them verify and get used to using them all.


Never leave large amounts of funds in any single amount, instead spread the funds around and withdraw as often as possible to avoid any problems.

You can check all the PP’s that I am using below…

DoNothingMoney Payment Processors.

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