FortuneDWB former Fortune2x2 Re-visited

I took another look at FortuneDWB former Fortune2x2 and was seriously impressed. The New website for FortuneDWB is state of the art and has everything one could need!

To be honest it was a rather rough ride at the start, as is usually the norm with start up Companies. This company has moved forward at an amazing speed.

There is live online support for any difficulties experienced and E-Wallet is in operation.

FortuneDWB is the latest E-book technology utilizing the POWER of turning page Digital Web Book publications, is not only a business with income opportunity but it can also be used as an advertising portal for your own eBooks.

A short description here…….
FortuneDWB aka Fortune2x2 is one of the fastest growing companies that’s new to the market place, as evidenced by its ranking in the ALEXA Ranking coming in at the 19,000 most viewed websites. With plans for continued expansion in the United States and markets throughout the world, the time to join is now!

FortuneDWB blends marketing power with an unparalleled opportunity that can allow you to capitalize on the surging digital web book industry. By becoming an  independent distributor, you can share the DWB / eBooks products with others while taking advantage of our rewarding compensation plan.

FortuneDWB is about providing its members with simple easy to use digital products to gift to anyone and to help them use the products to promote list building activities by targeting specific Internet interest groups. In this way our membership can grow their own Fortune business and be rewarded with a unique compensation plan that can provide a long term residual income opportunity

FortuneDWB is already playing a big role in helping thousands of its members with an exceptional value for money opportunity; for the first time providing a real platform for those wanting to make money from the Internet irrespective of experience or background.

Marketing tools include:  Banners/Links,  Pre-written promotional letters, Website customization, Your own Marketing websites, Ad Tracking engine and a Contact manager, Lead Capture Page and more.

This also caught my eye,

Any FortuneDWB member can now become an agent to potential authors looking to publish their work with the opportunity of it being presented to our ever increasing membership base as well as those they distribute their Digital Web Books to. Which means that you can promote our eBooks using this business this is a good source if you are looking for ways on how to promote your ebook.
You will receive a 10% business Introduction commission from FortuneDWB for any paid publishing business they bring in – and it’s applied repeatedly on all paid business from that customer!
My advice……..

If you are looking for an online business with a low entry cost and a super virtual viral product, you need to revisit this company by clicking on the link below and take a look at what this Company has to offer.

I doubt you will find better Product business anywhere online that is this affordable to the masses. I am not actively building this program but I already have a membership and it is only a one time payment, so you can always take advantage of the advertising packages they offer through ebooks promotion if you have your own for a very low price and it will be offered to their membership for a lifetime.

For additional information go here :

Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana

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