Funky Shark – 50% of Profits Paid DAILY! (Closed)

Funky Shark Closed – Update 10/31/2012

Funky Shark (One Time Payment)
50% of Profits Paid DAILY!

Introduction to Funky Shark

Now, with all the penny auctions out there the first question to ask when joining any of them is the following. What is the difference between this Funky Shark and the others penny auctions website?

To our luck Funky Shark is similar to other penny auctions website out there in the part that they share Daily 50% of their profits with the affiliates but there is one great feature that puts Funky Shark apart from other penny auction website. It is the only penny auction that DOES NOT require a monthly subscription payment. Instead with Funky Shark you pay once and you are qualified as an affiliate forever.

The one time costs is $24,95 and you are set, no need to pay again and you get 10 bids which is worth $10usd. After that all you have to do is purchase a Bid package of minimum $15 and that qualifies you to earn daily, you also qualify if one of your customers purchase a $15 package or higher, which means that you can be earning from the entires company’s profit with just a mere one time payment of $24,95.

Why is a one time payment good?

First of all, you won’t loose your referrals. If you have 10 or 20 or even 30 referrals you will never loose them. Why? Because there are no monthly commitment, they already paid their affiliate fee and now they are set for life.

Second, it is a lot easier to promote. It is a fact that people are scared of commitments when it comes to paying monthly fees or purchasing mandatory packages each month, with this now you don’t have to worry as you can promote the business by simply telling others to purchase once, sit back and relax and then just work on getting other affiliates to join and enjoy the benefits of the Funky Shark compensation plan.

Funky Shark also offers a wide variety of marketing tools and a Lead Capture Page with follow up letters which is great as we know that it gives the best conversion for your money. The website design, feel and look is amazing which help us even further with the building and recruiting.

You can choose to sign up completely FREE below, check your backoffice and then choose to upgrade for a One Time Payment of $24,95.

They have great payment processor options right from scratch for both Deposits & Withdrawals.

i-Payout (which we love), SolidTrust Pay & PayZa

Funky Shark Join Now >
Funky Shark

Funky Shark Product (Penny Auction)

I love the bid packages as a product vs traditional MLMs which sell low qualify and some times even toxic, synthetic vitamins. The reason why the Bid packages are better is because you can actually use them and win products that you would go out to the store and purchase by yourself.

There is no need to pay for shipping and the company doesn’t have to buy any product so they can pay higher commissions, in fact in another penny auction website that I am an affiliate with (Bidify), I’ve seen the highest compensation possible with the least amount of affiliates, no traditional MLM can compete with penny auctions compensation plan.

Funky Shark as a product offers Bid Packages that can be used in their penny auction website.


Funky Shark Compensation Plan

6 Different ways to earn with Funky Shark. #4 will explain the 50% Profit Sharing by the company.

Here I will only write the basics, for a full compensation plan and details you need to sign up for Funky Shark and click on the Compensation Plan tab on the top menu.

Any questions can be asked in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

By buying around ~$300 worth of bids (or the equivalent to 500 Personal Bid Volume) you can qualify to be Silver and earn from two different bonus pools right from the beginning without having to refer any other affiliates. Just like that.

#1 – Autoship Bid Package Purchase Bonus
A 20% Commissions is paid on all the Bid Packages purchase by your direct referrals.

#2 – Non-Autoship Bid Package Purchase Bonus
When your direct referrals make a non-autoship bid package purchase, you will earn 10% and the remaining 10% will be paid as infinity matching bonus.

#3 – Retail Value Bonus
This is a new concept and is based on the sale of an auction where sponsors can earn up to 50% of the Maximum retail value bonus, for the complete details on this visit the Funky Shark website.

#4 – Global Profit Share Pools
Your member rank will determine how much you share in the global profit share pool. Whatever is left after paying Retail, Matching and Infinity bonuses is allocated to the global profit share pool.

#5 – Generational Matching Bonus
Members can earn matching bonuses down to 5 generations depending on rank.

#6 – Infinity Matching Bonus
The total amount of Infinity Matching bonus goes up to 20% depending on your rank and is paid on all Autoship and Non Autoship bid package purchase.

For qualifications, levels, charts & glossary please visit :


I hope this gives you an idea of how Funky Shark works and generate you an additional stream of income.

For questions and / or comments use the comment section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (Skype : strosdegoz)

11 thoughts on “Funky Shark – 50% of Profits Paid DAILY! (Closed)

  1. You mentioned that with funkyshark, “”By buying around ~$300 worth of bids (or the equivalent to 500 Personal Bid Volume) you can qualify to be Silver and earn from two different bonus pools right from the beginning without having to refer any other affiliates. Just like that.””

    1. Does this apply for everyone, was it not for founders only.
    2. If the above applies for any one, what then is the difference between the above and founder memberships?
    3With regards to membership as founders, can new members still join as founders.

    • If you look at the payplan qualification chart you will see that it only takes 500 PV to qualify as Silver and as Silver you earn from the Silver and Bronze pool.
      The Alpha pool are for those that do not qualify for anything else.

      The Founders positions are no longer available and the above applies to everyone.

      Funky Shark Rank Chart

  2. Brent Christian says:

    Have they officially launched? Are you making money?

  3. Do you have or know the launch date?
    When can any more details be found? (on the program, The auction site and the compensation plan)
    I would like to start to promote it , but need a little more then the above.
    Thanks in advance

  4. One more:
    Who owns the Funky Shark and what can we know about it?
    Where can be found any background info that we have to have before joining and promoting (Owners, the company, persons involved, ec)?


  5. When u join for $24.95 that’s a 1 time payment? is there a monthly fee Subscription
    what’s the difference between a auto ship monthly package and non autoship bid package do you have to buy bids all the time every month or could you qualify with a 1 time purchase

    • You will need to buy every month to qualify for the bonus pools, but you can buy with your earnings / commissions, so it would be the same as a one time purchase.

      The auto ship just makes it automated.

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