Generating Targeted Traffic with Money Making Forums

Generating Targeted Traffic with Money Making Forums


Now I will explain how to get the most out of forums, how to use forums to your advantage, the most effective way to generate highly targeted traffic and generate sales and referrals through forums, for this guide we will be using the Money Making Forums List.

Forums are great for many things, you can use them to update yourself about many different topics, you can use forums to learn, to teach, to generate backlink for SEO, to generate traffic, to make friends, to play games, make money, for Paid Advertisement and much more.

Where to start?

The first thing you need to do is to find the forums that best fits your interest and type of opportunity you are promoting, for example.  If you are promoting a PTC opportunity then go to the paid to post forums because you will get better results there, if you are promoting a HYIP program then go for the high traffic hyips forums and finally if you are promoting a Multi Level Marketing company then go for the Work At Home forums where you will find serious MLM Marketers.

Basic Steps :

  1. Pick your forums, register and bookmark them on a separate folder on your Bookmarks labeled Forums (useful later)
  2. For simplicity use the same Username in all of the forums and choose a password that you can just vary the ending with numbers for each forum, something like “PassWord125” next forum “PassWord394”, etc, etc.
  3. Take your time to populate your profile in each and every forum, write everything down so you can use the same info in all the forums, also recommended to use your photo as your Avatar.
  4. Read the Forums rules before doing anything and make sure not to break any rules and don’t ever spam is just a waste of time, disgusting and annoying.
  5. Each forum has different rules so after reading the rules *Edit your Signature* this is very important because 90% of the traffic that you will get to your website / product will be through your signature. You will need a nice good looking well formatted signature to get more hits, colors and banners recommended where allowed, see an example HERE.
  6. Once all of the above is done, you can make your first post and that should be in the “Introduction Section” always introduce yourself to the forum before posting anywhere else, other active members in the forum will greet you and welcome you and maybe give their support if you need any help.

These are the basic steps before you start to post on forums its good to have everything ready before starting so if anyone is interested in you or what you do they can already see your profile or signature, its also good to provide your contact information for prospects to contact, activate the “receive e-mail from members” feature as it is disabled by default in all the forums.

Now there are two different main ways to generate traffic using forums :

  1. Post content Traffic
  2. Mass Posting Traffic

I highly recommend having a blog if you are going to use this source of traffic as one of your main advertising  sources, the reason is because Forum members loves blogs, in a way blogs are similar to forums because they are updated and a regular basis, also with a blog you can promote all of your products and programs with the same link not having to promote lots of different links.

1- Post Content Traffic :

This is really simple and you will enjoy generating traffic this way, what you need to do in order to generate this kind of traffic is to go to your area of Knowledge in the forum and look for post and topics where members are discussing this area, all you have to do is share your opinion in details, give insights and support anyone that’s in need, comment on other members thoughts and you will see the magic happen. If you post anything that is good to the reader, you will be surprised at how fast they are going to either click on your username or signature to know more about you or what you are doing. You can also start a thread yourself and have people look at it, this way you get more exposure since you are always on top of the thread and everyone sees your signature.

Its not bad to show off your signature that’s the main reason is there, so other members can look at it and also so you can promote yourself and Forum that does not allows signature is not good enough for you because you provide them with content and they make money off ads, so you should get rewarded back by having a way to generate income yourself. Whenever you start a thread or post in a thread of your interest always use the Subscribe / Watch / Follow feature and choose the immediate notification through E-mail, what this does is that the forum will send you an e-mail each time someone posts on your thread or where you are posting, this way you don’t have to search the forum all over just to find the thread where you posted.

When it comes to giving support and following up with members this feature above is also really helpful as you will know right away when they post, since you receive an email.

2- Mass Posting Traffic :

Some people say this is spam but let me explain the logic reasons why this isn’t.

First, I don’t Spam! Second, each and every forum has a different membership so if you post a thread about Promoting Banner Ads on MoneyMakerGroup then MoneyMakerGroup members will see that post, if you want DreamTeamMoney members to see your post then you have to post it there too and if you want MoneyFanClub members to also be able to read your post then you have to post it there too and so on, so its pure logic that posting the same content on different forums is not spam, is just expanding the reach of your article which is very good. When it comes to business opportunities its the same as posting your own original content, each forum has its own membership so if I post an update about Trivita, in any forum is only wise to do the same in other forums so a bigger wider membership can read that update.

With that said we can get started.

Lets say you want to start a thread called “10 ways to generate traffic using Forums” in the Webmaster Section of a forum, here is the best way to Mass Post it.

  1. Build your post : Use your primary forum to make your post which includes, title, description and content. Don’t use any variable fonts, nor fonts sizes, nor colors because each forums have small variations on how they read / interpret the forum language bbcode, so its good to only use Bold, Links and Images.
  2. Now open a Notepad / Wordpad and copy all of your thread information before hitting on Start Thread / Post New Thread, this way you get the core content which includes the bbcode, for example when you use bold fonts you will see the [b] tags, for images you will see the [img] tags, etc. After copying you can hit on Start Thread / Post New Thread.
  3. On your browser click on Bookmarks, go to your Forums folder and at the bottom it should say “Open all in tabs” this will open all of your bookmarked forums in the same web browser window. Note : is good to always keep yourself logged into the forums, you can do this by checking the box “Keep me logged in” or “Remember Me” on most forums this way you won’t need to log in each time you have to post.
  4. In each forum find the right section, click on “Start New Thread” and copy paste your content. Remember to always activate the e-mail notification feature and in some forums you will also need to activate your signature by checking a box that says “Show signature”.
  5. Traffic will be instant, as soon as you are done posting on each forums you will start to receive visits to your thread which will translate into hits to your signature, visits to your website, sales, etc.
  6. If you have any follow up to that same thread, you can repeat 1-3 and when you get to #4 instead of hitting start new thread you go to your own thread and click on “Reply” and add your new post.

This is more or less a simple strategy but it takes some time to get used to it, after you are used to this you can post in over 25 forums in less than 10 minutes if your internet connection is good but even with a slow internet connection you can post in all of the forum sin under 30 minutes, which is really good.


  • Don’t Spam
  • Always Read the Forums rules
  • If you are getting good results with a forum consider Supporting the forum by buying a paid membership or using their Paid Advertising program that’s how they generate revenue.
  • Be friendly, Polite, Keep an Open Mind
  • Follow My Blog (This is one of the most important aspects of making money online, so important that if you don’t follow my blog nothing happens… 😛 )
  • When someone ask a question reply in your thread and use the PM feature (Personal Message) to give additional information and your contact info.
  • Always be accessible give as much contact information as you can, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Hotmail Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ and even your phone number if you are comfortable with people calling you.
  • If you need any help, just contact me.

That’s how you generate traffic using forums, if this method is working for you then support the forums, that’s really important! Refer your friends to the forums you use, upgrade to a paid membership most are a one time payment and/or buy ads on that same forum.

If need additional information just feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez SANTANA
Skype : strosdegoz


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