GoFun Rewards Daily Profit Sharing Is Live!

GoFunRewards Profit Share Is Live

GoFunRewards Daily Profit Share

GoFunRewards Daily Profit Share is finally live and affiliates are earning daily. The penny auction is live and these are great news because not many penny auction websites has actually made it to launch their profit sharing.

Here, I will explain to you how the GoFunRewards profit share works and what you need to do to qualify to earn daily. There is no need of sponsoring others in order to earn.

You can find the full details GoFun Rewards compensation plan explained below :

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GFR Profit Share Step by Step

The first thing you need to read to understand how GoFunRewards and the daily Profit Share works is their compensation plan.

I made it available through the link below : GoFunRewards Compensation Plan
This is the complete Official PDF presentation

Q – What are the requirements to earn daily?

A – The requirements to be active are, place an Qualified Ad Daily (just like Zeek for say an example), and refer two new non-affiliate paid customers every 100 days. There will be 3rd party services offering purchase of customers, they are working on the API and I heard that should be ready between the next two weeks or so.


Q – What exactly are Life Style Dollars and if its mandatory to give them away.?

A – What are exactly LifeStyle Dollars… good and “hard” question. Well, if you want a good reply I suppose that somewhere in the comp plan should be described.

We purchase Lifestyle Dollars, give them away, and we receive “Reward Credits”. Then we share in the pool and receive a “Daily Lifestyle Reward (DLR)”, which depends on your Reward Credits Balance, and has “no monetary value”, just to be compliance i guess. As they say in the comp plan: “The “Bigger” your GoFun Reward Credit Balance, the bigger your “Daily Lifestyle Reward” bonus!”
For say it in some way, when we give them away, we convert those Lifestyle Dollars and Condo Cards into Reward Credits, and so we share in the daily pool depending on our balance of Reward Credits.

And yes, we must give them away with a personal link. Reward Credits are awarded in real-time as new customers register under us claiming free LD’s and Condo Cards.
We can use personally our LD’s, but we only receive 50% of Reward Credits, and we receive 100% (1:1) if we give them away to new customers, that’s because it’s recommended obviously.
We can set how many LD’s we want to give away to each customer in our backoffice, look at “Manage My Giveaways” in the menu. Currently the maximum is 200 LD’s per customer, however was said that later this limit will increase to 1000 LD’s per customer.
I give them away without problems just posting a few classified ads, so it’s not hard.

Condo Cards give us between 100 and 150 Reward Credits when new customers register them. For that, we have also a personal link and the process is the same. For this ones, I personally just put a PTSU to give them away faster and easier, that’s just me.

Anyways, there will be 3rd party services who will put advertisements of all our link to give away LD’s and Condo Cards. More about them at the end of the mail.


Q – How are we paid when we earn from the profit share (Cash or Life Style Dollars)?

A – Straight from the Comp Plan.

“Daily Lifestyle Reward Bonus Details
Each and every day that the company rewards you with a Daily Lifestyle Reward, you receive Lifestyle Dollars as your “Daily Lifestyle Reward”, giving you additional Lifestyle Dollars to use or share with others to grow your business, enabling you to receive additional Reward Credits, growing your Daily Business Builder Reward Credit Balance!
You have the option to convert a portion of your Daily Lifestyle Reward, up to 60% into commissions (eCash), this is determined based upon your Daily Lifestyle Reward settings in your back office at the time your Daily Lifestyle Reward is posted to your back office.
Any remaining portion of your Daily Lifestyle Reward will be credited to your Lifestyle Dollar balance.

So we set on our back office what amount we want to convert to eCash, up to 60%, and the rest will be LD’s.


Q – Any additional information I might need to know to understand how this all works”?

A – For additional information, there is one recorded call to explain how to post our ads to give away LD’s etc. You can find all the links and dates in the backoffice, look for “Webinars & Conference Calls”.


Q – What needs to be done, in simple terms?

1 – Buy a package consisting of LD (Lifestyle Dolars) and condo cards.
Also set up a monthly subscription ($20 is enough for non-recruiters).

2a – Place an ad daily to qualify for the profit share bonus.

2b – Give away your LD’s and condo cards. Works with your referral link.

3 – You will earn daily rewards when you give away your lifestyle dollars and condo cards.
60% of the credit can be converted into eCash for withdrawal.

4 – Repeat the process daily.

Note : Your customers make purchase a certain amount of product every 100 days from GoFun Places or else your income will stop until they do.

I hope that clears everything up.

Any questions use the comment section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

4 thoughts on “GoFun Rewards Daily Profit Sharing Is Live!

  1. 2b – Give away your LD’s and condo cards. Works with your referral link.
    (Your customers make purchase a certain amount of product every 100 days from GoFun Places or else your income will stop until they do)
    I don’t understand these two points.
    Is it means to sponsor others in order to earn ?

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