13 thoughts on “The Golden Path Login Issues

  1. I never experienced any login issues so far but thanks for this info.

  2. richard monteiro says:

    Hi Dirson,
    I signed up for thegoldenpath under you. Can you kindly explain what i need to do now that i funded my account? Should i be subscribing to daily 2$ kindly explain

    • Hello Richard,

      You need to add at least 1 subscription, for each sub you will be charged $2 daily.

      I suggest that you have at least $30 or $40 in your account balance to be ready and start to see movement.


  3. richard monteiro says:

    Hi Dirson,

    I had funded my account with a certain amount. Now, since i added a daily subscription, my e wallet is displaying a 2$ less. Now, kindly tell me whether the system will automatically deduct 2$ at the same time everyday or do i need to manually do it everyday? Please explain how the system works and whether I need to make any changes in my back office?

    • You will be charged automatically, the only thing that you need to do is have enough balance at all times to pay for your daily subscriptions.

  4. Richard Monteiro says:

    Hi Dirson,

    About thegoldenpath.biz, I’m unable to comprehend anything. I had funded my account with 26$ some days back. On Saturday i had purchased 2$ daily subscription and followed with another 2$ daily subscription on Sunday. Today my e wallet balance is displaying a figure of 24$ since i purchased 2 daily subscriptions. My matrix filled is 2.

    Doesn’t the system deduct 2$ everyday or does it deduct only in the following week on the days i.e Saturday and Sunday?

    I’m unable to understand the concept?

    Kindly tell me whether i need to do anything now…do my funds automatically get deducted in the following week? Is that how the system works?

    Richard Monteiro

    • You are supposed to be charged Daily Automatically, so ones you set up your subscription you only need to wait.

      I suggest that you wait for your first subscription to start earning before you open up a new one.

      There are some glitches with the system lately and that’s might be one of the reasons why you weren’t charged on Autopilot, Give it few extra hours and see what happens.

  5. richard monteiro says:

    Hi Dirson,

    The system has deducted 4$. I assume the admin takes a break on Saturday & Sunday!!!
    Anyways, now that the system has deducted my 4$, i was wondering what will happen once there are no funds in my e wallet…will it eventually cycle…i mean will i get paid in due course of time…Kindly tell me

    (i don’t mind being paid late…i only hope my 26$ that i had invested does not go down the drain).

    Richard Monteiro

    • Hey Richard, the Admin does not take breaks and it should happen automatically.

      So if the problem persist please use this form :

      You can’t run out of funds or the system will absorb all of your positions, that’s why I recommend at least 3 weeks with 1 subs paying $2 daily, which is equivalent to $40.

      Once you start cycling the subs will be self sustainable and there is nothing else you need to do.

      Kind Regards

  6. I have to invest like if I do not recruit people? what should I do? How long will I finish level 1?

    • We cannot predict, guarantee or even know when each member cycles each level.

      You can use the contact form for detailed questions on The Golden Paths.


  7. richard monteiro says:

    Hi Dirson,

    Any feedback about the latest ‘server change’ with regards to thegoldenpath.biz?

    Actually i had subscribed to the newsletter just yesterday and don’t have any clue as to when the site will be up & running. Therefore I would be obliged if you could tell me the status.

    Do you think i should fund my account to last for another few days; and if so how many days (to be on the safe side)?