Good List Management (Unsubscribe Feature)

Good List Management

The Money Is In The List
So Do It Right

More and more people are realizing that List Building when it comes to making money online is the most important aspect of your career. One fact they are ignoring is Good List Management.

With targeted spam becoming an ever increasing problem there are few steps you need to follow to make sure that your emails are not labeled as such, so they can reach your readers inbox and also that your readers are happy to hear from you.

To practice good list management you always need to offer an Unsubscribe / Remove-Me option to your readers. Most of the autoresponder systems like Aweber (the one I use), GetResponse or YMLP will have this feature by default as it is mandatory due to international spam laws but when you are using your own autoresponder / mailer system you either need to enable it or add a manual process so people can remove themselves from your mailing.

Giving the option for readers to unsubscribe will not only keep your open ratio high it will also lower your chances of getting your emails into spam as only the people that want to get them will be getting them, but instead forcing people to get your emails by not offering an unsubscribe feature will only cause disaster. You don’t want to email people that do not want to receive your emails.

This is the main feature I wanted to discuss because I am seeing way too many people doing it wrong, it will only take few minutes and it is a win-win for everybody involved.

Additional minor changes that you can make include : Adding an image of yourself, giving out your contact information, being polite, don’t spam, get to know your readers and always reply to inquires.

Do you have any good tips that others can follow for Good List Management? Please share them on the comment section below or any questions you might have.

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

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