How To Choose The Right Income Opportunity!

How I Choose the programs that I am going to be part of? What is it that I look for when choosing a program?

I want to share the details and process I go through when choosing a program for me to promote to my Blog Readers and List Readers. It isn’t as simple as just picking one out of box but a larger process happens before joining and actually sharing it with my readers also things not always goes as planned or described by the person running the program.

First I get dozens of invitations on a daily basis about new programs claiming to build an income for you and me out of nothing, nowhere and making some huge claims. I get so many of these lately that I hardly look at any of them but from time to time something good comes up and that is when I give it a closer look.

90% of the aspects that I look for in a program are really to Team Efforts, Team Rewards, Team Success and everything possible for  me and my team to be successful. I learned in the early days that the best way to make money is to help your downline earn themselves once they start to earn you will also earn as consequence, so your main gold should always be building a team and helping them succeed your own success is guaranteed if you can help them move forward.

Here is a list of the main aspects :

1 – Cost of the program VS what it has to offer and claims.

2 – Product VS Cost. (If the product is not physical but virtual this step is not given much importance instead the next step #3).

3 – Compensation Plan and Structure (In this aspect I always look for some sort of matrix type structure because this way my team will always be able to benefit from my efforts through spillover, that is the best possible for me because my team earn just from my efforts, also most of the time I look for some unique features which are the ones that really makes a program different and profitable).

4 – Stability of the program (If a program pays a “passive” income then I look for the stability, how much it pays and how it pays it and always remind YOU about the Golden rules: Only Invest what you can afford to loose and Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket).

5 – Life Span of the program (If a program is new it always benefits the membership in many ways thanks to the momentum which makes it a lot easier to refer others also you can take advantage of the timing to get a good position to earn from your upline team efforts).

6 – Owners / Admin (Always look for information on who runs the program, this can give you a better idea on how things will be taken care of, sometimes you can take a “Leap of faith” but not all the time).

7 –  Exceptions (Sometimes I make an exception and skip all of the above if a trusted person already went through the process, after months of testing the program then I would decide if sharing it or not with my readers).

These are just some of the main details that I look for when choosing a program, there are more sometimes less depending on who introduces me to the program.

What do you look for when choosing your program? Is it the price? Compensation Plan? Admin? Pre-Launch? Let Us know in the comment section below :

Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana



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