How To Make A Custom Designed Banner

How To Make A Banner

Easy Banner Creation

Hello everyone, I came across a very neat website that will help you create your own Banner in a matter of minutes. You can have a great looking banner in no time, with no efforts and no design or programming knowledge.

The process is extremely easy and it can take only few minutes. Here is a test banner that I made in just 2 minutes for this post.


Now Let’s Get Started

Above you can see the banner I made in 2 minutes, with this software is extremely easy but if you had to design it yourself it can take a while to get the above.

The website is called Blast Banner.

There are three different rows : Banner preview, Banner Options & Banner Text Rows.

You can see your progress in the Banner Preview section. In the Banner Options you can choose the banner size and they feature all of the sizes, you can choose the background color or image and choose the border size (Pretty Nice).

The third option is the Banner Text Rows, which is where you add the text. You can add several rows and move them around in the banner preview section.

After you are done tweaking your banner on “Download Complete Banner” and you are done.

This is a nice and easy way to make professional looking banners without having to learn design.

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Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

7 thoughts on “How To Make A Custom Designed Banner

  1. Richard Monteiro says:

    Hi Dirson,

    Thanks for the tips! I have also signed up for compound150…just waiting for another handful of days so as to earn from at least 3 units.

    Also i would be really grateful if you can me updated as to when Alertpay will launch their prepaid cards here in India (They haven’t done so till date). It would be so much easier & reliable to withdraw directly as against having the cash withdrawn using an exchanger.

    Besides, I have set aside 35$ for the program you have mentioned above. I’m looking forward to earn a substantial income (for the first time by being actively involved in building a downline). i hope you also provide us some copy material alon gwith capture pages etc so as to entice & build a downline. I’m looking forward to earning a substantial income under your tutelage.

    And please understand, under no circumstances am I holding you responsible for innocashads. It’s just that i can be blunt. (it’s imbibed) LOL!
    Richard Monteiro

    • Hello, Alertpay does not provide info on when they will have their card ready for specific countries.

      I already have some tools ready for the teambuild and will work on additional ones ASAP.

      Kind Regards

    thank you so much for your good tips on the banner making. however i wish to know how one can link his own website link to the banner. secondly after completion, i had blast banner at the bottom how do i get rid of it

    • Hello, there are several ways to link a banner. It depends on which programming language you are using, HTML, BBcode, etc.

      You can Google “HTML Image banner code” and that should solve it.

      Also the Blast Banner website is under constructions so you can’t sign up to remove the ad, what I do is that I take a screen shot of the banner and paste it on photoshop and save it from there.


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