How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

So let’s get back to the basics. This is one of the most common questions for new online money makers prospects. How To Make Money Online?

In this post I will describe each and everyone of the methods that makes me money online, this is not a step by step guide on how to but instead a general description of how it all works.

Getting straight to business the first thing to make money online that you will need is a website, which gets me to Blogging!

If you are just starting and you want to make money online the get a blog, the pros of having a blog are just too. Let me mention a few :

– Organize everything that you are doing and / or getting into.
– Create a reader’s base which will help you later when you choose the product or program that you want to advertise.
– Generate Income from advertising and use it to advertise.
– Easy to set up and maintain, which is actually just few clicks and if you decide to pay for one, it is very very cheap.
– More advertising revenue, you can take advantage of Google Adsense to earn an additional income.

So my blog helps me advertise the programs that I am in which makes me money (How To Make Money), it helps me with the Advertising guides that everyone is looking for, instead of saving tons of websites all around the internet to share with my downline in whatever program or product I advertise, instead I send them to the advertising section here. If you can’t write those yourself you can always copy it from some other places and make a nice compilation of advertising guides and strategies or whatever you want to.

Ads revenue is a good source of income, to earn good money online through ads in your blog you definitely need a good amount of traffic but as a secondary source of income it is always good to get the extra money from something that you would be doing anyways. Google Adsense is the biggest ads provider in the world and it pays better than anything else in my experience so I removed all of the other websites like, infolinks, bidvertiser and now only use Google Adsense and personal ads bought by visitors, you can get them here.

My main source of income online are Money Making Programs, they vary from Paid To programs to Multi Level Marketing, the range of programs that produces faster results are the short terms one that can be found in the Money Making Forum List here. These programs vary from Passive Income to Active income and there are many precautions to take before engaging into this type of investment, you need to know that there is always a very high risk of loosing your investment and follow the golden rules to always invest what you can afford to loose and not to put all of your eggs in one basket.

I am also part of Long Term sustainable and stable Multi Level Marketing programs that has been in business for over 10 years, those type of business are normally hard to build not because of the business itself but the people. Most of the people come and go but is always good to be part of everything in case someone is looking specifically for that then you have it to offer it to them. You can take a look to one of those companies here, its called Trivita.

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Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana

4 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online

  1. Jose madman says:

    Nice post, great resource for us passive income seekers

  2. click conspiracy review says:

    Your post is quite interesting when it comes to making money online. For me making money online boils down to basics

  3. Awesome site 🙂 I have been scammed so many times that it aint even funny and I am sure you might have experianced it as well if not, your the lucky one to be viewing this. There are more garbage online then I have ever seen in my life! The “Gurus” as they call them, fill your email inbox up with useless software that don’t work and in return take all your hard earned money. NOT COOL! I have lost over $2,000 since then and realize something in the process. I was a sucker for money. Then I realized that all the so called “Gurus” where all just one big puzzle that needed to be put together. The software I was buying from them each was unique and different. Different in a way that if I connect the dots, I can generate traffic and sells and yes! Finally somthing WORKS! True story.

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