How To Maximize Earnings In Centurion Wealth Cycler

Let me share with you a great Centurion Wealth Cycler / Circle Strategy to Maximize Earnings and the same time help the program and the members earn for the long term.

First if you are not a member you need to sign up and become a CWC member by clicking on the link below :

When you log in, scroll down to end of first page (home), here it will show your stats and earnings on your position/positions.

As soon as you have $15 in earnings, CLICK the Reinvest button and purchase another position, the goal to make money here is to have as many positions/earning centres working for you as possible. I would suggest doing this for 6 weeks.

This is an excellent business model having a 50% reinvest rule, this also applies to referral commissions, so always there will be money being re-invested creating cycles and movement.
Everytime a member withdraws, money goes back in to the pot.

Withdrawals. I have done a few test withdrawal from small to big amounts and will let you know when they arrive to my Alertpay account, so far they are expected to be paid on the 13th of July, I will let you know when I receive this.
It is important to know the admin will PAY.

When you are ready to begin withdrawing funds and are happy with the amount of positions you own, wait until your earnings show $30.
Why, well tokens are $15 and the reinvest rule is 50%, so at $30 you will be paid $15 to alertpay and also have 1 more position to earn from.
For example, if you have $45, the system will take $30 for 2 positions and pay you $15.
So rule of thumb, withdraw in multiples of $30.

Remember too, the sooner you buy positions/tokens, the sooner they will begin to earn.
I am confident that if you play wisely, you will make good money from CWC.
Hope this helps.

We are pleased to announce we will soon be extending our token purchase limit to 50 within 14 days! – Please tell your downlines!
Please leave your comments and questions in the section below :

Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana

11 thoughts on “How To Maximize Earnings In Centurion Wealth Cycler

  1. Have you collected your earnings yet into your alertPAY?


  2. how many positions do you have? And how much time does it take usually to cycle one position?

    • The program is too young to figure that out yet.

      • The very last testimonial on CWC home page – no payout for over a week if this is it will exit. – open eyes Stros….is it worth your reputation??

  3. the website is not loading today??

  4. Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to give you a great update about Centurion Wealth Circle.
    They are working to change the script and add some great new features
    to improve daily cycles by a lot.

    Right now I can’t give out much information but as soon as i know I will
    let you know exactly what is going on.

    Centurion Wealth Circle already has over 8,600 members in a matter of

  5. The very last testimonial on CWC home page – no payout for over a week if this is it will exit. – no comment

    • That is definitely not true, everyone is getting paid.
      I have a downline of 500 referrals and everyone with a pending payment got paid yesterday when the payments were processed.

      You can check MMG and see all of the members posting their payment proof, they complain about slow cycles which is being work but not 1 about a missing payment.