How to Maximize your Advertising Results

I’ve written quite a few posts now about advertising which are easy and simple to follow, I am getting good feedback but to be honest some members are not as lucky as others when it comes to the results they are getting. You see advertising is a numbers game, most of it depends on how many ads you can put out there to see the wanted results, the more you advertise the better results achieved but is not all about having lots and lots of ads, its also about how you place those ads and how your prospects interacts with your ads.

What I am going to focus on this post is on How to Maximize your Advertising Results, after you read this post you will be able to generate more sales and earn more commissions, get more subscribers, etc.

In order to maximize your Ads results you will need some tools that I will describe in details and explain the difference from traditional advertising with referral links and advertising with your own tools.

Lets start with the difference between Traditional Referral / Affiliate Link advertising and Setting up your own tools.

What I call traditional advertising is when you join an Income Opportunity, Affiliate Company or any type of product service online, you are given by the company a replicated website and some banner and text ads for  advertising. While this is good for you to advertise you are not working for maximum results right at the beginning and here are the reasons why.

When you use a referral link visitors will click on your advertisement and go to your website and then leave, even if they are somehow attracted by your product or interested they might just not buy right away, they can get distracted, not have the money at the time or needed sources to purchase, they simply don’t want to buy at the moment, etc.

This same visitor might search in the future for this same product they got interest in by looking at your website and find someone else and buy it, now you work hard but someone else go the sale and the reason is because you didn’t lock your prospect. On average it takes a over 5 visits to a website before a prospect buys! When it comes to E-mail marketing 70% of the members buy on the 7th Contact.

Here is the same scenario with the needed advertising tools.

You take your time and find your product and / or Income Opportunity, focus a big on designing and set up a Lead Capture Page, if you can’t design then you can pay to get one done, they cost as low as $20usd, in this LCP you set up your AutoResponder and put your opt-in box there so you can capture the visitor details. Now to even get to the product your visitor needs to leave his Name, Last Name and E-mail address, once they give you those details they can then access your product, now they get interested and decide to purchase but remember that they have to go to the movies and leave. The first thing they will see when they get back from the Movies is an email from your AutoResponder reminding them about your product, at this point your prospects is about to buy and goes to your website and remembers he has to go to Dinner. He eats and totally forgets the next day your AutoResponder sends another email, so he reads it and finally buy your product. This is called Follow up, in this scenario I described what really happens most of the time, people are easily distracted so you need the tools to keep them give you.

In another scenario there just not interested enough to purchase your product and instead just leave their contact information and leave, if you don’t have the LCP and AutoResponder then you will never see them again but if you do, this prospect will receive follow up emails from you for as long as you want and when you have a new product you can choose to sell it to that same person over and over until you finally decides to stop receiving your emails or becomes a returning customer.

Here is a list of tools that you need to maximize your advertising results :

  • Lead Capture Page (Custom Preferred)
  • Autoresponder (Aweber preferred for best delivery)
  • Hosting & Domain
  • Custom Design (For Banners, Etc)

1- Lead Capture Page (LCP)This is the first one in the list and the most important. Capturing your visitors information is the most important step to maximizing your  Advertising Results, the reason is simple, you can contact them in the future to remind them about your product or anything that you are selling even without an AutoResponder an LCP is crucial, you can do Follow-Up emails manually.

Here is an example of a Lead Capture Page, is not selling anything but instead building a list to sell in the future :

If you are selling an Income Opportunity or Affiliate Program then having a custom made LCP is better than using any replicated one, the reason is that more likely you will have competition and having the same page as everyone else is not the best way to maximize your results, with a different one you will get more attention from your visitors.

To make free and easy design you can use the following tool, you need to upgrade in order to be able to save your ads but you can make an ad and take an screen-shot of your desktop and then paste it on Photoshop and edit it, you can make LCP’s, Banner, Peel Away Ads, Landing Pages, Splash Pages and much more… All for free – AdKreator.

2- AutoResponder (AR) – To increase your sales from 30% – 70% you need an AutoResponder, this is a pretty simple program what it does is that it sends e-mails automatically. You write a series of emails known as Follow-UP emails and send them to your prospects, you can set them to be sent daily, every few days or any type of time interval you want, I did manual Follow-Up for around 6 months sending emails manually to a list and that was the hardest job ever but with this kind of software its a piece of cake. A Must! This is the AutoResponder that I use – Aweber.

3- Hosting & Domain

Domain – You need your own domain for several reason which are not as important as they might sound but really increase your results. Your own domain will give your visitor a simple and clean look on the website address, it will also raise the level of confidence your visitors have, easy to remember if you use an easy to remember domain, plus SEO benefits, etc. For Domains I use Godaddy. Domain Auctions at

Hosting – This is a must because using a free hosting for example a blog for free you are building someone else business and you don’t have control over your own, you can be shut down anytime so I highly recommend buying your own hosting it only cost around $4usd / month. Having a hosting account is not just virtual space on the internet it provides a  lot, you can have a Blog with WordPress for example with just 1 click, set up your own E-mail Service, A Forum? yes that too and a lot more. For hosting I use Ipage .

4 – Custom Design – I wrote about this above, just use AdKreator to make all of your advertising material you can also find free videos online on how to make banners and design with Photoshop, that’s how I learned the small bit that I know.

If you follow the steps above you will see an immediate increase in sales, if you advertise for a week with your old system and then with the new system you will see the difference right away.

Don’t wait until tomorrow if you are advertising online then get your tools now, you will be making a lot more money when  you do believe me I was advertising without the right tools for years and I regret it.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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