How To Maximize Your Banner Advertising Results

Banner Advertising is an amazing way to get the results you are looking for, lately I’ve been using this method for advertising more than anything else and the reason is simply… The results has been amazing. The sources I am using are really cheap and the results incredible. If you are a returning reader to this blog then you will realize how much emphasis I make on this type of advertising and now I want to show you how to get the best results from it.

The first thing to keep in mind when advertising using banner ads campaign is what you are selling. Based on that you will decide for how long your ad will run, which sources to use to place your ads and where are the members going to end up after they click on the banners.

Note : It doesn’t matter what you are advertising you will always need the right tools to get the best results and generate more sales, so before you start with your banner advertising make sure that you have everything in place to get the most of your ads by following this post (How to Maximize your Advertising Results).

1- The Source

What I call “Source” is the place where you are advertising, in this blog I described step by step banner advertising with : Google Adwrods, Adhitz, Adbrite, Bidvertiser and several PTC’s websites.

To get the best results possible then your source should be related to the product / program that you selling. Google Adwords is the biggest online advertisement provider in the world so you can use it for everything but is also the most expensive, so you should use it if you are going to sell a high priced product or something unusual like dog’s chain, a car, art, etc.

If you are trying to sell an online income opportunity like Multi Level Marketing or Affiliate Marketing program using Banner Ads I highly suggest using BidVertiser it produces the best results for the best value. Google can also be used for this type of product.

For other type of income opportunities like PTC’s, Matrix, Doublers, Cyclers, Hyips, Traffic Exchangers, “Alertpay friendly programs“, etc. Adhitz is the best choice, you can’t use anything else because this source will give you the top result at a extremely low price.

All of the sources above can be used in conjunction for List building, free offers and any type of random product that you find out there.

2- Advertising Campaign Settings

After you choose your source you need the best settings to get the best results.
Remember that the average person needs to see an ad 5-7 times before clicking it.
70%+ of the sales are made on the 5th contact (E-mail Marketing).

Why is this important to you? When you set up your banner advertising campaign set it up so it runs for a minimum of 8 days. That’s right your banner must be in rotation for at least 8 days to get the best results, 14 days or two weeks recommended and 21 days for the absolute best results.

If you are going to invest let’s say $100usd in one banner ad campaign do not put all of the money into one banner, this is another important step so do not skip it.

Make at least 3 good looking banners (5 recommended for the absolute best results) and divide your investment among all the ads, e.g. if you have 5 then $20 each. This will create more awareness and your ads will be seen more often, if you have 5 ads rotating they will definitely get more views in a shorter time frame than just one, also the banners being different from each other creates the illusion as if several person are promoting the same product which increases your results even higher.

With the two steps above you will maximize your banner ads results and get more hits, the more hits you get more prospects, more prospects means more potential sales and more sales means more money.

3 – Landing Page and Follow up

This is the last step but is not related to your banner ads anymore. You should have a custom landing / splash or capture page for your prospects to go to once they click on your banners. On this page they will be able to read additional information by opting in and then receive follow ups automatically through your autoresponder system (Aweber is the biggest autoresponder service on the planet and you can try it for only $1).

I hope you find the above information useful, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.
If you need custom LCP’s, Banners you can contact me and I will help you out, thanks to my experience I know how to make some good pages that converts prospects into sales.

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