How To Rank #1 on Google for New Program / Product

Today I will teach you how to get #1 Ranking on Google and other search engines for any brand new Product or Income Opportunity for a specific keyword, this means the product / program name.

For example if a new product named “DoNothingIncome” went live today and there are 1,000 affiliates in line waiting to start selling it, with the following strategy you can get the #1 Ranking on Google, this strategy will also help you promote any type of business and keyword in general and get you good ranking on search engines, this is a process I go through whenever I want to promote something, its totally free and results are amazing.

If you have your own website or blog it can also help you a lot to boost your website / blog rank by posting the content first on your site and then follow the strategy below.

I am going to jump all the Rah-Rah and tell you the trick to this strategy which is really simple, in order to get high SEO placement for any new Keyword / Product / Program is to place ads containing that keyword on high pagerank websites. Those are websites that are very popular, the pagerank is the way Google measures a website popularity. Websites with high pagerank are crawled very often by Search Engine Spider robots because they are always full of new, fresh and unique content, since you are targeting an unique Keyword when someone searches for that Keyword all of the high PR website that you posted on will come up first on the search engine results even before the main product / program website because that website does not have a high PR compared to the ones you are posting on, normally because the website is new.

To get the top ranking on Search Engines for an unique keyword fast you need to use a combination of advertising websites, here is how you should do it step by step (The way I do it).

First to make the process a lot easier for you, you need to make a draft of what you are going to post on the different websites, save it on a doc file and the rest will be copy / paste with some minor editing depending on where you are posting.

Now these are some of the websites that you should use to get the top ranking, I got the top ranking on Google for the keyword “ResidualCashBlaster” in a matter of hours, not even 1 full day using high PR websites.

*To check a website PageRank go to and type the address of the website, the higher the PR the better you will do.

1- My first step is to go to the forums, maybe because I am a forums fan but those are crawled really fast and thats the first step to get you on top. Go to The Forums List on this blog and choose the forums with the highest PR, for example MMG, DTM, TG, DigitalPoint Warrior Forum, etc. In just few hours your thread will be visible to the whole word through the search engines and also receive traffic from the forums itself.

2- Make a PowerPoint presentation and upload it to, this one will more likely be on the top 5 results for sure, if you don’t know how to make a PowerPoint presentation it doesn’t matter, just open up PowerPoint, put some of the info on the first slide and then click on new one and add some more info, then another and so on until you have all of your content in several slides then make sure to add your link to the title of each slide and last page.

3- Make a Hub at Hubpages, make sure not to make it like an ad because Hubpages does not accept advertising, so instead give out some general information, key features and at the bottom a link back to your website. Hubpages is Search Engine friendly and will surely get you one of the top results too, PR is 7 really high.

4- On Apsense start a RevPage or two (I normally make 2 and go from there), this one is totally free and easy to set up and there is no approving process, your ad will be up in no time and the website does really well on search engines. You can also set up an Article with Apsense and do the copy / paste from your doc file that you made before step 1.

5- I am not used to this one but is as good as the rest and has a high PR, Alexa Rank is 183. Go to Squidoo and create a Lens with your website information!

6- This is a really simple step but it can help you get your websites crawled faster. Tweet all of your links above, make a facebook fan page also and have them link to your website and hubpages, this can start a viral effect, I don’t use it much but it helps.

7- Article Submissions, this step is a must because they will definitely get you the highest spot on search engines and stay there for the first few weeks then the other websites will dominate. Most of the Article Submission websites won’t accept advertising, links or duplicated content so I will teach you how to get through that and where you will be placing your link.

Now you need your draft post that you made before step one, you are going to remove all of the links and use it that way, it must sound as if you are giving general information about that company. To promote yourself you will use what is called the “Resource Box” which is your signature there you can put information about you including a link to your website.

If for any reason your article is still not getting approved here is the way to get it through, you are going to make it look like a “Review” for example “DoNothingIncome Program Review”, ask yourself some questions and answer them in the article and that one is definitely going to get approved. If you can’t write, don’t know how to or just don’t want to then search for any program review on that same article website and edit all the names and specific details about the program with yours, the article you are reading has been approved so yours will also be approved. Here are some article websites I recommend using for this strategy :

* ArticleBase (This one will get you on top fast and will review your article fast)

* GoArticle

* EzineArticles

* Knol (This one is from Google and has a high PR and no need to be approved)

8- Now the Classified Ads, you need to post several classified ads and you are done your spot is secured. There are no tricks with the classified ads just to post as many as you can but 2-3 are good enough since you already have lots of website with your content. Start by posting here, this are pain free, fast and easy – Backpage and Canetads.

9- Just like you did with Twitter and Facebook you can use Social Bookmarks website to extend your reach, those have the highest PR on the net and if your content is good then you will not only get the traffic from the search engine but also from the Social Bookmarks itself.

10- You can also purchase a domain name targeting your Keyword, the domain name can be used to forward it to your affiliate / referral link. You can get a cheap domain name at Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy, for as low as $1 – $10 per year.

11- Set up a blog and update it regularly with information about your Product / Program, sooner or later it will get crawled and ranked on the search engine, make sure to post first on your blog and then all of the websites above, this will give you better ranking and faster. Also link from those websites back to your blog and you will be creating backlinks but thats another topic.

I’ve been using this strategy for years and it works, its easy once you learn it and 90% of it its totally Free, if you can’t get to the top of Google for an unique keyword with this strategy through Thirdparty websites then its impossible to make it, make sure to follow the “How to Maximize your Advertising Results” strategy so you can get the best results out of your efforts.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did then follow my blog, or keep on reading my other posts make sure to share it by using the BookMarks below or by giving out this link on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

Kind Regards

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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