HugeYield $5000 Board (HY3 & HY4)

HugeYield $5000 Board
HY3 & HY4 Just Launched

HugeYield Update

Hello, if you are still building your HugeYield business then you noticed some new additions to the compensation plan, the payout structure changed on the HY2 and two new boards were added to completed the $5000 payout board. While this is good for some people in the program, it isn’t good for the majority and the average member because reaching those levels are highly unlikely.

There is something that you can do to increase your income in the normal HY1 & HY2 levels and forget about going to the higher levels where you will be only making money to the admin of the program and others.

To check the complete details of the HY3 & HY4 board you can visit the following link, you can also join using that link or contact me to join our HugeYield 2x Fastest Teambuild.

HugeYield Compensation Plan & Join NOW

HugeYield New Settings

Here is what you need to do in your backoffice to avoid loosing your income and to have a chance to earn big when you cycle HY2. When you now cycle the top level at HY2 you earn $880 but my default $640 is taken to get you to HY3 and another $120 is taken for a re-entry leaving you with almost nothing, with the following features you can keep your earnings for yourself.

Step by Step Instructions.

1 – Loging to your HugeYield Backoffice.

2 – Click on “Your Profile” on your left menu and then on “Account Details”.

3 – Scroll down to the “Payment Details” and uncheck both boxes that says :

HY1 Auto Re-entrance : HY3 Auto Re-entrance :
You can leave the HY1 re-entry if you want.
4 – Scroll down and click on “Update”.
That’s it. With this feature now you won’t put all of your money back in for new boards instead you can keep your earnings.
Hope that helps.
Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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