HugeYield – Payment Received

HugeYield Payment Received


Yesterday I introduced you to HugeYield which is a board type Money Making program with some unique feature and a huge income potential, many people are hesitating to sign up due to the price and the requirement to get at least 1 referral, I will get this solved soon by doing a Teambuild to help my Team members get that one referral.

Payment Received

Today I cycled my first board in HugeYield (HY1) and earned $120usd which is my total investment, I requested a payment and within minutes my commissions were on my Alertpay account. Payments are processed extremely fast and I can show the payment proof if you like.

You can join using any of the following payment processor and get paid back to whichever one you choose regardless of which one you used to sign up.

Alertpay, Solid Trust Pay, Liberty Reserve, OkPay & Perfect Money.

So fund your account and get ready with $120usd, to join me in HugeYield.

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Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

One thought on “HugeYield – Payment Received

  1. Congrats for your payment!
    I’m looking forward to the teambuild. 🙂