HugeYield Re-Opening

HugeYield Re-Opening Update

HugeYield Re-Opening Good News

HugeYield is expected to be back on Monday after a long maintenance to fix each and every possible glitch that the system had and also add some new features and also income streams. Those are some exciting news as the compensation plan for this program is amazing and it is only going to get better.

The exact time when it will be open for new members to register is yet to be known but they say Monday Noon more likely, I will wait until Tuesday just to make sure that everything is solid after re-opening.

The new features will include knowing where each member will land when they cycle a board and also which members are following each board, this will really help with our HugeYield 2x Fastest Teambuild, to know exactly where to place members without having to go browsing through every board.

So expect for the HugeYield program to open again for registration by Monday / Tuesday.

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HugeYield New Income Streams

Some great news is the fact that additional income potential is going to be added to the HugeYield compensation plan, personally I love the way it is now because you can earn money fast and is really achievable. People can join, build a small team, breakeven and then start earning really fast. No need to get hundreds of members just few dozens and things will start rolling.

The new income streams will include a HY3 and HY4, right now HugeYield has the Feeder program which is a $60usd cost that can get you into the HY1 after the HY1 comes the HY2 which is the paying Board that pays $1,000 Over and Over on each level without having to wait to complete the entire cycle.

The HY3 will be the $5000usd board which is the income potential there and the best part is that it is Totally OPTIONAL, members can choose if they want to automatically go to the next step or just keep making money on HY1 & HY2. This is to be added to the program in the next few weeks (3 to 4 weeks).

The other income stream is a Residual Income but not much was explained about that.

That is all for now and remember to join our HugeYield 2x Fastest Teambuild.
We Assist Members In Cycling and Getting At Least 1 Direct Paid Referral to qualify them to earn.


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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)


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