HugeYield Teambuild (Team Update #1)

HugeYield 2x Fastest Teambuild
Team Newsletter #1


Wow, what a great first week with HugeYield and our unique Teambuild. In this first team update I want to discuss several aspects of the program and request your assistance as always, in order to make this program big, earn big and make it happen We Need Your Support.

It is actually really easy, the Marketing & Advertising Tools are totally FREE, you just need to email me and I will get them done for you, the next step is to simply drive traffic to your Lead Capture Page and then everything is taken care of for you automatically.

Great those for those that can’t afford the $120 level.
We are opening a $60 Feeder Teambuild to help all those that are asking for it.

If you are not in the team yet, then don’t waste another second. Do Yourself A Favor and Request Additional Information below :

HugeYield $60 Feeder Teambuild

After many requests I am opening a Teambuild for the $60 Feeder in HugeYield, the reason is quite simply many, many people are asking for it and we plan to build this program for a very long term so it is only wise to have both options available.

The official HugeYield Fastest Teambuild post is now updated to reflect these changes and give members a choice, also an email blast will be sent out to my the entire team before starting major advertising about this.


Get Involved, Cycle Faster (Free LCP & Tools)

Get involved and you will cycle faster. In our HugeYield teambuild we give each and every member a Free Lead Capture Page if you ask for it, when you get your page and drive traffic to it following the Advertising Guides & Strategies you are automatically given cycling priority and get referrals faster even if you don’t get any sign up. The effort alone is enough to get you going.

There is no cost to get your HugeYield Fastest Teambuild Lead Capture Page, there are also banners focused on the Teambuild and a nice Solo Ads that is producing some great results.


HugeYield Payments

Payments are coming out extremely fast and several times a day, when you make money with HugeYield you can be certain that you will get it the same day and most of the time only few hours after you request your payout.



The list will now be accessible through downline because the one I had is no longer available, as usual you only need to contact me requesting access to the teambuild list and I will give you the link to it. The list won’t be updated live but to see the latest info on the list you only need to download it each time. There will be a special link for that.


Future Plans for Team Growth

T2MoneyKlub (Tripler2), will launch again on Feb. 1st.
That is a passive income program offering a 2% Daily Income and I have 1,030+ referrals there. I plan on bringing those members into HugeYield with some deals and special offers that I am still working on but they will be attractive enough to get many dozens of not hundreds of members from that source alone.

Whatever you do to help the team is highly appreciated, I made the tools totally free to everyone to encourage YOU to promote and do your part, I will do mine 🙂

This is it for our first Team Update.
HugeYield is going viral and now has over 3,000 members in just few days (about a week). The reason why so many people are joining this so fast is because of the great compensation plan, the re-entries, the fast payments, the feeders and ofcourse teambuilds like the one we have here when everyone is helping each other to move forward.

Request your capture page and start promoting it, you won’t regret it. Getting traffic to your website is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and I explain it with step by step instructions and illustrations.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)


2 thoughts on “HugeYield Teambuild (Team Update #1)

  1. Spencer Carter says:


    Thanks for your hard work and commitment to helping all of us to have some success on line. You are a man of your word and i appreciate your integrity. I firmly believe that together we will prosper from this activity in Huge Yield.