HugeYield Update

HugeYield Update

HugeYield is still down under maintenance and it is a much needed one, the program is great and the compensation plan is awesome but there were some glitches with the way the boards were splitting that the old programmer couldn’t solve.

Also some new features are being added to the program at the same time to make cycling and building a lot easier than what it is now, you will know who is following each board and how many refs they need plus much more.

We are doing a Teambuild for HugeYield for the Feeder part of the program ($60usd Cost) and also a Teambuild for the Full joining cost ($120 cost). In this teambuild we assist members in getting qualified and also we assist them in cycling and earning commissions as fast as possible.

Registration is not open as of now and it will take another week or two for everything to be ready but you can click on the banner below to lock a spot in our team and request additional information.

Added a new small 125 x 125 button banner :

The Admin also provided a link with all of the updates and recorded calls. Members will be updated on a daily basis from Monday to Friday through conference calls and then these calls will be available to everyone by going to the link below.

HugeYield Team Resources, Calls & Updates

Stay tuned and updated, your money is safe and our team is growing and many new members are requesting the link to sign up, so as soon as the website is back up and open for registration we will have a huge wave of new members.

Remember that with our team you can get a Free Lead Capture Page with Autoresponder, Follow Up letters, banner, solo ads and for at no cost.

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