HugeYield is a Board program and I usually don’t join board programs, but if you check the compensation plan you will notice two quite unique features. The first one is the fact that your Sponsor will follow you each time he completes a level, I already experienced this with two uplines following me. The second feature is Low Breakage, Board programs are known to have huge breakge, in this one you get paid instantly instead of waiting to complete a cycle.

HugeYield – Join Now


HugeYield has a very simple but useful product which I am taking advantage of already to build my other programs. You get Banner and Text Advertising, a Login Page Advertising, a Downline Builder and also 4 or more Digital Products concerning Marketing & Making Money Online.

The cost to join is $120usd for the full package, there is also a feeder option for only $60usd.
You can pay using the following Payment Processors:

* Alertpay
* Solid Trust Pay
* Liberty Reserve
* Perfect Money
* OkPay

Compensation Plan

The HugeYield Compensation Plan is really simple if you are familiar with Making Money Online programs. This is a Board Type compensation plan and even though I normally don’t join or participate in this type of compensation plan I am making an exception on this one because this plan has some great features that are unique and assist your team while you build your own downline.

The downline help feature works as follow. Whenever you complete a cycle you get a new matrix (re-entry), this matrix is placed directly under your Un-qualified members to help them cycle and move faster, your upline will also go under your or your own downline and their upline, etc.

Low breakage feature. Normally board programs have a lot of breakage where the owners keeps all the money that is waiting to be paid when members cycle, most of the time the members get stuck and the money is never paid out. In HugeYield as soon as you reach Matrix 2 the breakage is really low, you get paid each time you move up a Level 2 instead of having to complete a full cycle to get paid.

Those two features were enough to get me to join this.
The compensation plan goes as follow, it is really simple.


There are two boards HY1 and HY2.

When you pay you are entered into HY1 which is worth $120usd.

Once you cycle this board you earn $120usd and a free entry into HY2 worth $350 and also a re-entry back to HY1 under your downline for whom they become your sponsor so you help to push them.

Now you are on HY2.
In this board you earn each time you move up a level, when you move up from level3 at the bottom you earn $120. When you move up from level2 you earn $240. Once you cycle which is moving up from level one you earn $640 plus a re-entry into HY1.

Total Income from HY1 = $120usd
Total Income from Hy2 = $1,000usd

That’s all, plain and simple.

If you want to see this same explanation but with images to make it simple also including the feeder plan, check the link below :

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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype: strosdegoz

4 thoughts on “HugeYield

  1. Will you have a teambuild for this one?

    • Unfortunately not for this one, even though the plan is really attractive and it would be a good option.

  2. <>

    Very important to decide me too, if not I will not
    work with a 2×2 splitter matrix.

    A teambuild could be another good option to let members
    team have $1000usd without a delay.

  3. Lets see how this program goes on. these days i am away from all sites except just been paid. 99.99% are going scam like hell.