[HYIP] Cavaxo – 7% Daily for 22 Days

Cavaxo – 7% Daily for 22 Days

Cavaxo Introduction

Cavaxo is a brand new hyip with a very strong, fast paying and promising compensation plan. It is in the mid range between low and high payout hyips.

Below I will be sharing all the details about this high yield investment program. The investment plans, payment processors available, affiliate program and more.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. To join now click on the link below…

Cavaxo 7% Daily for 22 Calendar Days (154% ROI)


Cavaxo Review

The maths

Cavaxo Limited wealth management company prides itself on striking the precise balance between rewarding the private investors and maintaining the operating funds necessary for effective wealth management. We operate in the “sweet spot,” providing both the investor (that means YOU, of course) and the wealth manager (that would be us) with significant reward. This formula, we find, provides the basis for a mutually satisfactory and ongoing private investment relationship.

Our wealth management company provides steady and reliable returns on investment, with minimal risk and maximum gains. Unlike the fleeting short term investment opportunity, a financial relationship with Cavaxo Limited will continue to pay off on your private investment.

Investment Plans

Cavaxo offers one and only one plan for you to choose from. With a minimum deposit of $20usd and a maximum of $100,000 you can earn 7% daily for 22 days.

Even though high payout, has high risk, perfect timing makes it a no brainier to get in and take advantage of this nice plan now. You will get a huge 154% total ROI after the 22 days period is completed.

No compound is allowed and your principal is returned with the daily %.

Affiliate Program

Investors who decide to invite other investors (friends, family, etc.) into the program will earn an additional 7% on their purchase. This 7% is credited instantly and is available for either withdrawal or repurchase into the investment plan.

Payment Processors

Cavaxo accepts all the major payment processors. Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve, EgoPay & SolidTrust Pay.

Withdrawals are processed really fast, all within 24 hours of request.



For any additional information, comments and news about Cavaxo and other hyips make sure to visit the DNM.ME Hyip Monitor.

Any questions feel free to contact me.


Me Sincerely,
Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)
Skype : strosdegoz

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