I Apologize for StarCity & Profit Gears

Straight Line Cyclers Don’t Work

StarCityAds & Profit Gears

I just sent an email to my entire DoNothingMoney Newsletter offering my apologies for being caught in the hype involving StarCityAds and Profit Gears.

The true is that I always avoid Straight Line cyclers and everybody else tries to do the same but some admins simply disguise their programs to make it look as if it is something else and trick people into depositing funds.

You can read the letter below in case you are not subscribe to my newsletter.


Hello {Name} how are you doing?


I know thats a strange subject line but I have to apologize to you for some wrong decisions I made in the past few days that might affect you.
It is related to the last two programs that I suggested for you to join. StarCityAds and Profit Gears.


Note : If you didn’t join StarCityAds or Profit Gears you can ignore this email.
But you can also read it for the general knowledge and basic understanding on how some of these programs work.


Most of us have few friends online that we basically follow blindly and join whatever they suggest because they are trusted to us.
This happened to me twice to me in the past week and I learned my lesson. One of these two programs I wasn’t the only victim as everyone felt for it (Profit Gears.)


For many, many years now everybody is aware that Straight Line cyclers simply do not work and that is why all of the straight line programs that succeed in these days are normally disguised and promoted as something else. Because if people know that they are a straight line cycler (also called, company forced matrix) they simply move on as they are no good.


Some example of straight line cyclers disguised as something else are Banners Broker, The Mobius Loop, The Golden Path and now the latest Profit Gears.


StarCityAds is a straight line cycler but is not hidden, in fact their main package is called “Red Carpet Straight Line Advertising”.
Well after just a week that is already dead.


They have another straight line which they call a matrix line but it’s company forced, just disguising that it is a plain straight line.


StarCityAds Numbers Explained (This is straight up theft), The admins know the solution yet they want to keep all the money. READ BELOW:


Vicky Gardner & James Lawson run this program, be aware for their next one. They never take any criticism, in fact anything you say to them, they will just attack you instead of analyzing your suggestion. 99% of the people in this program suggested that the earnings on the  Straight Line to be capped yet they didn’t listen and told everybody to start their own program rather than share  productive suggestions that they will end up implementing anyways but only when it’s too late and they have their pockets full.
When it comes to Profit Gears, I am not taking the full blame for that one, but I know I did wrong in falling for the hype and ultimately emailing it you.


It was promoted to me, to you and to everybody else in the industry as a 2% Daily Program.
It isn’t a 2% daily program, now the admin after 48+ hours of the entire membership asking what this is and how it works, revealed that this is actually a 1×4 straight line.
Still that was revealed in tricky way.


If you cycled Gear 1 (Level 1) then it will take 60 days to earn your money back with a slightly amount taken from the fees and then 40% repurchase.


If you haven’t cycled then the chances are pretty low that you get your money back, it will depend on when you joined/upgraded as this type of plan is just not good nor sustainable and stalls within the days of it being launched.


You can read the StarCitiAds numbers above and basically transfer that to Profit Gears as they are the exact same thing.


Profit Gears does not pay you or me 2% daily. It doesn’t even pay you referral commissions on purchase.
Everyone that is paid on Profit Gears is based on a cycle bonus. Basically everybody joins a line and when their turn comes they cycle. In this case all the money is taken and instead of being paid  out right away, they pay it to you slowly and even the referral commissions are taken and paid only when your refs cycle and on that front you have to put 40% back in, to lock it into the system to fund the admin’s new boat.


I know this email is already long enough but let me break down the compensation plan real quick.

Profit Gear compensation plan broken down in simple terms and exposed.


Official Plan (The way it is promoted on the website).


Shares cost $3 (For the sake of simplicity we will only use 1 share at all times.)


1 – Buy a one share for $3 usd.
2 – Start on Gear 1 and earn up to 0.5% daily until you cycle to Gear 2.
3 – On Gear 2 earn $1.5, a bonus share back to Gear 1 and an entry to Gear 3 to earn 2% daily
4 – Referral Commissions paid when your refs move from Gear 1 to Gear 2.
5 – 40% of all income, including referral commissions goes to a repurchase balance.


When you look at this you have the ultimate goal to move from G1 to G3 to start earning 2% daily.
What it doesn’t say is that it takes 4 positions for your 1 position to enter G3 and that the money they are paying you over 60 days was already generated on your cycle out of G1.


Profit Gears Real Compensation Plan.


Straight Line position costs $3.


1 – Buy one position for $3, get entered into the line.
2 – 4 new positions enter the line and you cycle out. $4 x 3 = $12. Now the admin has a total balance of $12 to payout that single position.
3 – Once you cycle G1, you earn : $1.5 cycling bonus. You get a re-entry to G1 ($3), you get an additional 20% on G3 ($3.60 {2% daily for 60 days}), your sponsors earns $0.60, remaining funds (over 20%) are admins profit.
As you can see a plain cycler, the only difference is that all of the income is hold by admin, referral commissions are forced to be bought back in and the compensation plan is fully hidden to make you think that it is a 2% daily while it is just a plain straight line.


If you want more details we have a full discussion going on, on the MoneyMakerGroup forum. Just follow the link below.
I know that people love the “launch rush” but that won’t happen again here.
Each and every time all of the compensation plan details must be visible to me and all the members before making a purchase.


Please let me know what you think.
I am human and I admit that I made a mistake.




The good news is that you can still breakeven in both if you are lucky.
In the StarCityAds matrix line, you have the chances to break even, in fact 25% of the people have that chance and same goes for Profit Gears but there you will have to wait 60 more days to get it all back.


I believe there are at least 100 grammar errors and 750 typos. I apologize for that as well but I wanted to get this information out.


Any questions feel free to contact me.


The comment section is right there in case you have any questions or want to share your opinion.

Me Sincerely,
Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)
Skype : strosdegoz

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  1. I am updating this post to add that the people running Profit Gears are Shahmir Ansari and Amit Dhamija, both from India.

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