Income Opportuntiy Update (OneX, WeNetProfits, CWC, AutoXTen, BannersBroker)

Let me tell you what’s going on with all the latest Income Opportunities we are part of :

1st – OneX by QLxchange

Exciting news for OneX and you won’t even guess… There is a new Payment Option and that is a merchant account, what this means is that you can pay directly to your QLreserve wallet using your Debit / Credit Card aslong as they are Visa, Mastercard or Discovery, bankwires are also accepted for purchase over $1,000usd.

Let me repeat that.  Direct payment to your OneX / QLxchange wallet as long as you are using Visa, Mastercard or Discovery. Since this is just a temporary solution the maximum transaction per 24 hours is $30usd and a $3usd fee applies to each one, so for example if you wanted to deposit $15usd using your credit card there is no need to sign up for SolidTrustPay nor anything like that, just go ahead and click on purchase and you will be charged a total of $18 and the funds will be available in your balances instantly.

Thanks to this same feature we have an additional 24 hours before OneX officially opens for upgrades, it is expected to happen on Wednesday 29th at 8pm EST (Moved to Friday 1st because leaders requested more time to fund their accounts using the new payment processor) .  We will always have enough time to fund our accounts and get everything ready before launch and payday. Over 80,000 members in OneX since yesterda.

*** Did You Know? : If you pay for your four first members in OneX you get all your investment back automatically? Your first level pays directly to you, so you can bring them in at no cost and tell them to do the same for four friends…

****Latest Update 6/28/11 – Click Here****

2nd – WeNetProfits Team Advertising Co-op

More good news and that is that our WeNetProfits team is getting bigger and bigger, so big that the demands for PIFs has quadrupled in the last few days, to be able to keep up I’ve decided that we will need huge teamgrow which also means Team Advertising.

I have set up an Team Advertising Co-op where we will be able to pool funds together for advertising and if you don’t want to send funds you can set up the ads yourself, click on Team Advertising Co-op for all the details.

If you want additional information about our team and be part of it just let me know, We Will Pay Your Way In!


3rd – Centurion Wealth Circle / Cycler

CWC or Centurion Wealth Circle is a brand new cycler that is still in pre-launch and scheduled to launch in the next 8 days. This program caught my attention for two main reasons. One is that the Admin is full time working on the program and fully open to members suggestions, he is also very good at handling his program and doing all the programming, the Second reason was the way the program is built. Never seem before has a cycler protected its members and program by allowing a maximum purchase at launch of only 10 positions ($150) per members, this is a great measure to prevent Hit & Runners from taking all the money early and breaking the program, this fact alone can help this one last for a very long time. For the first time I recommend purchasing 10 positions right at launch, keep a close eye on the launch date (normally I would suggest a test spend and play with the profits).

If you want additional information about CWC you can visit my first post about it HERE.


4th – AutoXTen

So far everything is going smooth with AutoXTen, there hasn’t been any major nor minor problems and they’ve added an additional source of income to this one time payment program which will be a residual income, we are expecting the program to launch in two weeks but it might happen earlier (Hint). Stay tuned and make sure to lock your spot for free, You can afford $10 Alertpay, all you have to do is lock your spot and get ready to rumble.


5th – BannersBroker – A New Way To Double Your Money

Definitely becoming my favorite program, it is so far the best and most stable passive income program on the net today. Fully passive if you follow our team strategy you can now earn thousands without having to refer anyone ever, we just passed the mark of over $3,110,000usd paid out so far to members and just 2 weeks ago it was $2,000,000usd paid out.

You can read my earlier posts about BannersBroker for additional information on how to follow our team strategy to make it a passive income.

Thanks for reading that’s all I have for now.

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7 thoughts on “Income Opportuntiy Update (OneX, WeNetProfits, CWC, AutoXTen, BannersBroker)

  1. Merchant credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discovery) addition to OneX is excellent. If someone funds the whole $30 this gives them enough for Level 1 ($5), and Level 2 ($10), and $15 left over towards Level 3 or buy 2 keys.

    If you need to upgrade people on your Level 1 with keys e.g. $5 fr or 1 key up to $20 for 4 keys all this money will come straight back to your wallet because the payout on Level 1 is 100%. If your Level 1 people are paying for themselves you won’t need a key for them.

    The new merchant allows $30 off a card (plus a $3 fee) in a 24 hour period. Some people have more than 1 credit/debit card. Could they deposit up to $30 off each one? I am going to get more information if this is possible.

    In addition to the new credit card merchant we still have STP and they have put on some extra staff to cater for the expected extra workload. You can add more funds through STP and these have been processed usually within a few hours.

    • Thanks for sharing Ozmarkting, you always give us some good additional information.

      And you are totally right if you were to pay for someone on your first level then you earn the money back, I better put that in the update.

      • Another good thing about getting a key for your Level 1 who can’t pay for themselves (for whatever reason) is that they become active to receive commissions and you get 100% matching bonuses on their commissions (assuming you personally sponsored them).

  2. hi guys my name is Delly im in South Africa , i just want to know how do i load my own recruits under my name , for them to fall under my sponsor

    • All you have to do is, give them your referral link.
      You can find your referral link by clicking on your Profile, Overview.


  3. is this thing really making money

  4. Which one? There are several programs discussed in this post.