Income Programs Update (2xCycle, Fast Profits Daily, BannersBrokers, WSC & CWC)

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2xCycle Teambuild – FastProfitsDaily – BannersBroker
Wealth Share Club – Centurion Wealth Circle – OneX

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 * 2xCycle Teambuild

Our teambuild is growing extremely fast and we have over 250 paid members with a little over 150 in our Team List to receive 2 Paid Referrals. Our main goal is to get each members two direct paid referrals and help them cycle the Silver Matrix for $75usd, by cycling them out of the Silver Matrix and cycling their two referrals this will automatically push them to cycle the Gold Matrix and earn $800usd Paid really fast to their Payment Processor account (Alertpay). The cost is only $27usd to get started.

Thanks to the unique way this program is built and how members follow their sponsor by the time we reach the first monthly subscription there will be over 150 new positions added to the team. If we have a little over 50 members needing two this means that everyone will receive 2 referrals in their matrix and help them cycle. I know that when you get additional entries or new referrals they go straight to your downline no matter how many matrix you actually have, the same will happen with the re-entries created from the cycles they will all go to the next available spot in the team and help create even more members cycle.

We have dozens of members needing just 1-4 members to cycle. When those members cycle they will also get re-entries which will cause a domino effect, stay with us to take advantage of the huge momentum that this will create.

There will also be a new rule, which is actually taking away one of the teambuild restriction, this will apply to all of the members but ME (Team Leader), more details soon.

* FastProfitsDaily Team Support (A Rotator)

I joined FastProfitsDaily and going to give it a try for a one time payment of $50, I recommend everyone to join at this level and go from there. The compensation plan is based on a Multi Stage Cycler with 4 different boards and some referral and matching bonuses.

Since the first email I sent members are asking if I am going to do a teambuild or how will I support my downline. What I will do is set up a Rotator, all of my direct referrals will qualify for this for free rotator. As soon as you upgrade ($50 level) send me your referral link and it will be included, as soon as the program launches this will be the only link that I will promote and never again my direct link which you can see now. Less 72 hours left for launch, if you pre-upgrade by paying now then you get 2 points in the rotator (Contact Me for more details).

* Banners Broker

Banners Broker seems to be unstoppable, now 11 months paying a passive income and running without any problems a must Join I would say. Last payment was few days late but still everyone got paid, for the first time I requested a payment directly to my bank account from the backoffice instead of Alertpay and will see how that goes.

The program is really simple and is based on a straight line doubler, you generate two sales (two referrals) and you can double your purchase, the good part is that the company as a test run gives you two free doublers so you don’t have to refer anyone to double your main purchase, then we use our team strategy to keep on doubling over and over without referring anyone.

11 months paying and over $6,600,000usd in paid commissions can’t be wrong.

* Wealth Share Club

So far this program is going really stable and paying 2% daily since day 1 without fail and payments being processed within hours and sometimes just minutes after request. All the features and rules will ensure that this program pays for a very long term plus the huge ROI which is 250% paid out on your Adpacks is really attractive.

Now running for over 30 days without one single problem and a membership of almost 900 members.

You can test run the program for as low as $6usd and when you feel confident enough upgrade to VIP to be able to purchase up to 30 adpacks ($180usd) daily. So far I have about 100 Adpacks which is equivalent to $600usd, so I am earning $12 daily from the passive income alone.

* Centurion Wealth Circle (Tornado)

Today the Tornado is Live and it will only last 24 hours, it is now using the 2way Cycler to ensure a more balanced cycling and it pays a 150% ROI, Admin Tirey posted on MMG that CWC Monthly Residual income program is almost ready and we will have the details available in about 1 week, this is what will really get the PSS back on track and produce massive amount of cycles for everyone.

I have to say that the income keeps on increasing steadily in the Tornado after the Tornado is over all profit and unmattured positions will be moved into PSS. No One Can Loose There.

* Other Programs

I already gave out a full update about Onex by QLxchange and the announcemetns that were discussed at the convention, if you haven’t read it you can find it here. OneX has over 510,000 members and growing very fast.

AutoXTen is still up and running but I am not personally promoting it much, I do get paid each time I have commissions there so things are fine.

There has been an update about Text Ad Brokers and HitCrawler and I was told that the company will honor what they first promised to its members, it will go through some beta testing phases and then be released to the public, more info on that later.

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  1. hi i had join fast daily daily a week ago so am not in your down but i was wondering would you be mading a capture page for this site if so what the cost because i would like one please