Is Ad Hit Profits Dying?

Is Ad Hit Profits Dying?

Ad Hit Profits Slow Days Ahead?

With the revenue we have been seeing the last few days people can’t help but wonder if Ad Hit Profits is dying! Let me first tell you that it is 100% normal to ask that questions specially since we have been seeing a raise in scam programs the last few weeks.

The truth is that right now we have several reasons why the revenue share can go down dramatically just like its happening.

The end of the month (people pull money out for bills).
The start of the summer (people pull money out for vacations).
Weekend and Holiday (Weekends are always slow, Monday is holiday in Canada and Thursday holiday in USA).
Lots of active shares thanks to the huge spikes in June overall….

I can make up dozens of excuses as to why the revenue share has been lower than usual in the past few days but the fact is that it was record low on Saturday and people tend to react fast to anything that isn’t what they are used to or consider to be good.

Q : So is Ad Hit Profits Dying?
A : Is too early to know that.

On the other hand low returns and the competition booming can definitely have an impact in the Ad Hit Profits shelf life. In my opinion this is just a phase, a growing phase.

We have 32,000 paid members with tens of thousands of shares in total, so for a good revenue to be shared on any given day hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shares and ads need to be sold/repurchased.

We either need a good flow of new members or some extremely big advertisers to keep the cash-flow going. The admin can also always try some feeders, new features, more adspace, new design, new backoffice and so on to increase revenue.

Like I said, it’s too early to reach a verdict so people can easily calm down.

If Ad Hit Profits can go through this phase it will become stronger and bigger but if it can’t it will go down in just few more days.

For those wondering what will happen I suggest to wait and analyze the charts for another 5-10 days time. Based on what you see there it will be a lot easier to reach an informed conclusion. I know a lot of people with lots of experience that says they have never seen a program come back after such a low but in my opinion is still too early to know, few more days and we will know for sure.

Update 17th July 2013
I wrote this post on the 30th June and a little over two weeks later I reached my conclusion.
AdHitProfits is dead. The latest payout has been in the range of 0.01% to 0.09% which rounded up amounts to 0% shared daily.

AdHitProfits was a great program while it lasted but it ran its course. There is no need to blame anybody for its dead, its just the nature of the industry and the type of program this is.


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Kind Regards,

Owen Brown

12 thoughts on “Is Ad Hit Profits Dying?

  1. Daniel Dursun says:

    thanks for the update

  2. PTC programs can generate a high CTR but my guess is that advertisers aren’t actually converting any of those clicks. Everyone just does their ’10 a day’ to stay in the program without actually buying anything.

    No-one is going to maintain a PPC campaign if they are not generating an ROI, I think the realisation has set in for AHP advertisers hence the slow-down.

    • In my opinion the truth is that Ad Hit Profits ran its course.

      The main reason why Ad Hit Profits lasted over 85 days doing fine vs other revenue sharing program that only lasted few days, is because of the growth speed.

      All those revenue share programs that last only a week would have thousands or even tens of thousands of members and sales in just few days, this adds up pretty fast and then it is impossible to maintain that growth so things start to slow down.

      Pretty normal for every revenue share program.

      In Ad Hit Profit the growth was small, it started slow and only became huge after 2 month and that’s when things got hot.

      At the two months mark tens of thousands started to join and tens of thousands of shares were sold. After the huge growth you need even bigger growth to be able to maintain the daily revenue. Since that is impossible to maintain things started to slow down and we are where we are now.

  3. You’re adding to the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of adhitprofits– your account has been suspended because of the false claim we are suspending / blocking accounts with large number of shares. This is a straight LIE, and will not be acceptable. Once you clear up this LIE, you can restore your account.

  4. VanNathanAvalerion says:

    This is just stros observation, I would agree with that too. But he doesn’t conclude that this one is collapsing, could be on 50/50 just like a person in coma. He/she could die tomorrow, but could come back to normal as well. As for the case of AHP now, I would say it’s taking the track of the latter. Good days for us, Charles should unblock stros account and just forget about everything bad that has happened.

    • Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion but I don’t want any account to be unlocked. He can keep it.

      Anyways he is only paying 0.004% per day.

      Over 5 days pasts since this post and still no improvement in the daily revenue being shared even though all of the ad space are sold.

      This only means that maybe 1-5% of the revenue comes from ads and that is why members are seeing only 0.004%, while 95% of the remaining revenue comes from members purchasing more positions which means, members sharing members money… You now the drill.

      Great program while it lasted.

      I hope I am wrong in AHP will be paying 10% or even 20% daily once again very soon 🙂

      Let’s see how long it takes before we get back to that. Fingers Crossed!

  5. It seems like Ad Hit Profits is past the heyday. I don’t know if we’ll see 10% again.

    • Not likely to happen, AHP was a good program while it lasted for now you can still use it to promote but not to earn as the daily revenue is 0.004%

      • Thanks for the quality information on this site.

        The way the site is set up, the fate is in the members hands.

        Obviously there is not enough people repurchasing adpacks and other methods of revenue for it to come out of the slump.

        At sites like these people vote with their dollars.

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