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  1. I’ve been a victim of identity theft I “ve been thru 3 Debit cards in 3 months in some cases it’s been less than a month before my cards numbers get stolen it’s either Payza or I-Payout with Ultimatepower profits as soon as use my debit card to my acct with UPP the next day within hours i had my card stolen and used for fraudelant charges
    it’s either them or payza

    • More like is Ultimate Power Profits (UPP), as I never heard of anyone having that sort of problem with PayZa so far.

    • I too have been a victim of a credit card stolen…

      I’m sure now it’s Payza, ’cause my first credit card was remplaced, and after the change, I updated this in my Payza account but not in my UPP i-payout account… The second card was stolen too… So, I’ve deleted my Payza account, and since, I have no more problem (the 3rd credit card).

  2. FYI

    hey UPP Ipayout does not have PAYZA intergration at all …

  3. I spoke to Payza yesterday about my UK account and they inform me that they are in the process of obtaining a license from the FSA ( Financial Services Authority). The restrictions stop me from doing anything with my funds except to withdraw my entire balance, which being an IM’er makes it even more difficult to earn online without this pp.

    After a call to the FSA I discovered that the UK Govt is forcing their hand to make sure Payza is in compliance with several UK regulations and this will take up to 3 months!!! Yes its f*$king BS! So I am draining my account and cancelling it shortly after.

    Hmmm, now if we can only get Bitcoins to catch on ;P

    L. Hardy

    • Thanks a lot for sharing, that’s good information.

    • So you are cancelling your account due to a temporary problem enforced on Payza by the UK Government? How about simply waiting the 3 months and then all will be OK?

      Can’t blame Payza if our Government have forced the restrictions.

  4. I am one of the UK residents with a Payza account which is now frozen, this is a real problem as I have funds in my account as well as pending transfers which wont be paid in. I have used Alertpay/Payza for about three years with no problem and found it easy to withdraw funds to my bank.

    As for the reason given for this action it makes no sense at all and is very disrespectful to it loyal and legal users. I am worried they will block our accounts for a long time!

    • Mine has been blocked for 30 days and I’ve been using PayZa as well for over 3 years and fully verified.

      Funds are locked and no reason why they are doing this.

    • Are you sure your accounts are FROZEN? Or just restricted? The FSA licence should be in place soon, which will remove the restrictions.

  5. I to have been talking to Payza, and they are expecting to receive their UK licence by the end of January. Once the licence is in place, all UK account holders will have full access to all services again.

    Let’s hope… because Payza is one of the best.

    • Other than the super high fees, I am liking PayZa again.
      They solved every issue I had and withdrawals are being process, extremely fast.

  6. I have been unable to withdraw funds since the start of Dec 2012. I’m from Australia and they still won’t allow me to. I have a lot of money locked in there and always get the same response that they are undergoing maintenance. They have completely scammed me out of my money. I’m furious and at a loss of how to access my money.

  7. I am from Holland. Since 22-12-2012 my account is frozen for no apparent reason. The account is validated including my bank account and creditcard but I can’t withdraw any money. Every ticket is answered the same way. I quote: “we unfortunately cannot provide you with a time frame as to when you will be able to once again withdraw your funds”.. Dear friends: PAYZA IS ONE BIG SCAM. This is Fraud and Embezzlement.. !!!! DON’T USE PAYZA !!!

  8. NEVER EVER use AlertPays/Payza as a payment processor on the internet – unless you want to risk losing your money

    The management and owners are criminals that belong in jail. They are guilty of FRAUD and of stealing money from their customers.

    Their website and payment system may look professional and honest, but behind the scene Firoz Patel and his cohorts are recklessly freezing accounts and stealing money from their customers.

    One of their customers are currently fighting them in the court of Montreal to release more than 1,000,000 USD, that they are holding back without reason – and have done so for the past two years.

    Don’t be surprised if AlertPay/Payza suddenly disappears from the screen – but be sure to get your money out first.

    You can read more here: http://payzascam.forumup.com

  9. I am using payza without any problem

  10. They locked my account after i have some funds and asked widthdrawal by wire. they asked proofs. And sent them waiting still. What the hell they want.

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