JubiRebates Live by JubiREV / JubiMAX (May 1st Updates)

JubiREBATES Is Now Live!!!

JubiREV & JubiMAX

JubiMAX is taking the internet by storm with all the top network marketers now actively building or at least participating in this business.

JubiREV is an unique company with a great compensation plan that shares most of the profit generated with its qualified affiliates on a daily basis.

Not only JubiREV pays you up to 50% daily of their generated profits but you can also get paid to shop online in places that you already buy and get Jubibucks.

At the same time through the JubiMAX own shopping portal you can access Health Products, Vitality Products, Digital Products & much more at great discounts.

You can access additional information by joining through the links below and browsing your backoffice for conference calls and news updates.

The Jubi Movement – JOIN NOW



As if everything that JubiMAX has to offer wasn’t enough a new product has been introduced and more are yet to come.

Having all these valuable and useful products are great for customers but also great for ‘us’ the affiliates. It makes it easier for me and You to share this business with others.

The JubiREBATES program is really simple. You can earn cashback from your online shopping in 3 simple steps.

1 – Download the shopping assistant.
2 – Shop online as you already do.
3 – Earn cashbacks as shopping rewards.

If you are not a JubiREV affiliate but want to take advangate of the JubiREBATES follow the link below :

JubiREBATES – Start Earning Cashback Now!

How Does The Program Works?

Simple. Over 5,000 retailers offer a referral fee for orders placed using JubiRebates Shopping Assistant. This cashback is credited to your account and can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars or more.

Those 5,000 retailers include stores such as :

Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, Sears, Expedia, WallMart, Champs, JCPenney & Much More.

Regardless if you want to take advantage of this program or not it is still a great feature for your business.


JubiREV Updates – May 1st 2013

This information can be relevant to affiliates and those looking to become affiliates and participate in this company and its revenue sharing compensation plan.

The first renewal date is Today (May 1st, 2013) so make sure to read all the details below about what to do and how to do it.

>> First Wave Bonus is now over, smooth sailing from now on. More likely they will be some offers and bonuses in the future to encourage growth and momentum as this company is always improving.

>> JubiREBATES is live and functioning right now. There will be training available soon for those looking to rip off the benefits of this additional source of income.

>> JuibeSUITE (Team growth support income stream) is scheduled to go live on May 3rd. All the previous days earnings are being calculated in the background and will be paid out all together.

>> A COFFEE product is  considered to be part of the JubiMAX shopping mall. Very exciting and huge potential as the coffee drinkers market is huge.

>> For those that started on or before April 1st, the renewal date is tomorrow. There will be a renewal option ready under the upgrade menu (more details below.)

>> The JubiTRAVEL program is schedule to launch in the next few weeks.

>> Those who still do not understand what’s going on you need to take the time to learn your business… When you log in to your backoffice on the HOME PAGE, right in the center there are 6 videos that explain almost everything
for you and there is even a GETTING STARTED guide at the top that explains everything step by step, so it’s all about spending some time reading.

>> Those who are still sitting there with jubibucks and have not converted them to jubipoints will realize that they do not earn a Daily Leadership Bonus (which consist in the daily company revenue share) as you can only earn once your bucks are converted to points… I have extended my help to you and asked that all who are having a problem can email me and I will assist as best I can.

These updates are taken from my uplines news update.


JubiREV Monthly Subscription Renewal

Here are the details and suggestions for your monthly subscription level.

Those who just have a few hundred jubibucks/points should realistically stay with the JADE ($15 / month) membership and build their points up over time as you do your membership level….There is nothing wrong with this as if this is all you can afford right now, then this is all you can afford right now….end of story.

BUT… You should try to add a little bit extra every month so that you build your point totals even faster.

Now at this level you will not benefit from the JubiSuite but then again this is where I said we need to be realistic as you will have to simply focus on building your jubipoints and not worry about the jubisuite at this time.

Those who have 500-1000 jubipoints and above and are either at the Emerald or Diamond level are the ones who have the harder decision to make as really you will benefit from going ( or staying) at diamond but you may have to go out of pocket for  this months membership fee just to not disrupt your point earnings and your Daily Leadership Bonus.

Those who are willing to do this I think will benefit in the long term but that’s your decision to make… You do need to consider though that if you go ( or stay if you are already at this level ) to diamond then you have a better chance at e.arning from the Jubisuite ( unilevel ) that is just days away.

Those who have more than 1000 jubibucks ( and especially those who went with 2500 or so to start ) most definitely need to stay ( or get up to ) diamond as the mathematics of it always works out in your favor so you downgrade or don’t try to get to diamond you will surely be missing out without question.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Me Sincerely,
Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)
Skype : strosdegoz

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