JubiREV Funding Is Live!

JubiREV Funding is Live!

JubiREV Conference Call Updates

Hello everyone, JubiREV funding is live and you can get started right now. You can fund your account but can’t purchase yet.

By funding you will get ready for the time where you can purchase your product packages and start earning, this will happen next week.

The great thing about JubiREV is that they have tons of funding methods available for everyone.

You can fund your account right now through : PayZa, SolidTrust Pay (Visa & Balance), ACH (USA Only), Bank Wire (World wide), JubiAccount (International).

JubiREV Funding - STP, PayZa, AcH, Bank Wire and JubiAccount

Here are the JubiREV Funding
Step by Step Instructions

1 – Login to your JubiREV backoffice.
2 – On the left menu Click on “My Account“.
3 – Then click on “My Financials“.
4 – Input your PIN Code.
5 – Click on the “Ecash” tab.
6 – Then click on “Load Money“.

7 – You will now see the image above on your screen, choose your funding method and you will receive more information on your screen. If you choose PayZa or STP you will be redirected to their website to complete the transaction.

Leaders can load their account and use the Pay It Forward feature to fund their members.So if you have someone that does not have a payment processor ready, you can get the money through a different source from them (Cash, Paypal, MoneyBookers, Wester Union, Etc.) and fund their account directly through the PIF system.

JubiREV Join Now

JubiREV Founder Member

Becoming a JubiREV / JubiMAX Founder member is really simple, you only need to load your account and make a purchase by the 15th March.

Load your account and make a purchase. Now through March 15th.

Founders Member Benefits

1. An additional 15% JubiPoints as you give away points.
Example : If you give away 1,000 JubiBucks you would normally get 1,000 JubiPoints.
As a JubiREV Founder member you would get an additional 15% which is 1150 JubiPoints.

2. An additional 10% Jubpoints Match on your personal referrals.
Example : A ref buys the $2500 package. You get the normal commissions plus an additional 10% JubiPoints.


So far that’s what we have.

As soon as additional information is shared, I will be updating this post.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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