JubiREV Phase 3 Update

JubiREV Phase 3 Update

JubiREV Commissions Run

With the unleash of Phase 3 at JubiREV / JubiMAX lots good things will be happening including the awaited first commissions run.

On April 1st, JubiREV will run its first commissions run and all the bonuses from the compensation plan will be paid out. It won’t be until 10-14 days later that the daily revenue share will start.

Right now you can already choose your autoship products that you can buy with your Maxbucks. For people that can’t receive products will have the option to exchange Maxbucks for Jubibucks.

In the meantime you can go for the vacation cards which are virtual and require no shipping.

There is a new link that you can use to promote your JubiREV / JubiMAX business, it has lots of info it and it is great to use it as redirect after people optin through the capture pages.

Here is the link, just change strosdegoz with your username JubiREV username.



JubiREV Phase 3 & Updates

Now let’s take a look at what is coming with the start of Phase 3.

— Founding Members period ended Wednesday March 27th, 2013

— First commission run will take place on Monday 1st April , 2013

— JubiMax.com website would be ready to go 1st April and we will be allowed to start placing ads and giving away JubiBucks to accumulate JubiPoints

— PHASE 3 ( the Daily Revenue Share ) will be switched on somewhere between 7-14 days after 1st April.

— 15,875 products ready to ship so sometime today it is expected that people should be able to use MaxBucks to p.urchase their own personal products.

— New promoters link in the back office which has a lot more information for your prospects. (The one you can see above)

— You can set up your autoship right now.

— Much more is going on we will have the details as they come in.

JubiREV – Get Ready, Step by Step Instructions

Here is what you need to do :
1 – Login or Join by going to Jubirev.com
2 – Upgrade your account (Step by Steps on upgrading here)
3 – To set up your Autoship click on “Upgrade” on the top menu.
4 – Under the “Manage Autoship” tab choose your products.
5 – Choose the Vacation Cards if you don’t want phisical products to be shipped to you.
6 – Fill up the next steps and complete the transaction.
7 – You are ready.

Here is the latest update
Upgrade Now – Do Not Miss Commissions

Hi Dirson,
J. Joshua Beistle here, as you have probably heard the countdown to Phase 3 (revenue sharing) has begun and I want to make sure you don’t miss any commissions.
I just spent 4 hours with our programming and development team to review all the bonuses being earned so far… (Wow! Great Job Jubi Family)
But during our meeting we noticed that some of you are going to miss commissions/bonuses because you didn’t have everything set up optimally…
Don’t miss your share Dirson!
This Saturday we are going to have a LIVE training webinar to walk through proper setup.  
This email is going to everyone and there are only 1000 seats!
Register now and get there early
Plus if you missed Monday night’s Corporate Update webinar you missed a lot.
1. Dates for revenue sharing to start were released….
2. First commission date was announced…
3. Product Updates and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more….
GO HERE RIGHT NOW TO WATCH THE EXCITING REPLAY https://www.jubimax.com/members/
(login and look for the link that says Phase 3 Countdown Begins)
Things are moving at an epic pace as we continue to grow.
Don’t let your team miss deadlines and opportunities.
Dedicated to YOUR success,
J. Joshua Beistle
President JubiRev/JubiMax
It’s not just a company – It’s a movement! Don’t Miss It!

For any questions feel free to contact me.

I will be writing a new posts titled “Jubirev compensation plan revisited” where I will explain the compensation plan again in more details and with all the latest updated information from the powerpoint presentation.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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