JubyAdBank 100% Repurchase Weekend, Revenue Stats, Domains, Payment Proof & More

JubyAdBank Stats Update
Payment Proof, Revenue & More

JubyAdBank Introduction

JubyAdBank (JAB) has been the success everybody was expecting it to be. It offers an unique system where it is never too late to join.

The program since its inception has been built to stay around, all the features point towards longevity rather than a quick buck but yet the daily revenue is extremely good as you will see in the daily stats below.

With all the Hit & Runners that are now present in this industry having just some limitations isn’t enough for a revenue sharing program to survive such as JubyAdBank is doing it needs to adapt consistently. The program needs to be open for changes and evolve by following all of the trends. JAB does not stay behind and keeps on improving and adapting by implementing new changes and features as soon as possible.

The revenue sharing started on the 29th August and so far everything is working as planned and new features keep on coming. The main purpose of this post is to show some statistic about the program.

You can join JAB by going to : http://www.jubyadbank.co


JubyAdBank General Statistics

When JubyAdBank revenue sharing started on the 29th August the membership was a little over 600 members. One thing people are forgetting is that a small membership at launch is something that is really good if you want the program to sustain. The small membership servers as a testing group and was the system is proven to work the masses can join. Today JubyAdBank has 1,300 members and plenty of room for growth. So if you haven’t join you can do so right now and still be in a great position.

Here are the full website stats. Keep in mind that total revenue shared is not the total deposit but what has been shared so far. In my opinion the total deposit is about 2 or 3 times the total revenue shared amount but that is just a guess.

JubyAdBank Statistics 8th September server time

Steady growth mixed with a membership fee = success.


JAB 100% Repurchase Weekend

Withdrawals in JubyAdBank are processed from Monday to Friday manually but normally paid within seconds, this opens the door for 100% repurchase weekend where me and many others take all of our balance and use it to buy new adpacks. Here I want to share my repurchase stats so far for the 7th September, as you can see it is going all back in.

JubyAdBank 100% repurchase weekend 7th september stats

You can also see my account stats showing all of my active adpacks. In just few hours from now about 50% of these will expire which will mean even more deposits going into the program. I inject fresh funds from my payment processor all the time because I really believe in JubyAdBank right now.

JubyAdBank Account Stats

My goal is to generate at least $2,000 / month residual income with JubyAdBank.


JubyAdBank Payment Proof

As I grow my account i also request withdrawals, here are the payment proof from all the payments I received since the beginning of JubyAdBank. Keep in mind that I also deposit fresh funds every few days, so I withdraw and depositĀ  all the time while I repurchase from cash balance as well. Everybody needs to fix their strategy to whatever suits them best but at this point I would suggest going for repurchase and building your account until you reach your goal, after that you can start to withdraw and whenever your adpacks start to expire you can always deposit some more or lower your withdrawals and increase your repurchase.

These payments are for STP as I repurchase 100% of the other ecurrencies.

JubyAdBank Payment Proof - JAB Income Proof, Strosdegoz pay proof


JubyAdBank Daily Revenue Stats

People are always interested in what the daily revenue is when joining any passive income program. Right now in JAB the revenue is really high mainly due to the Fast Track Program that pays 20% instantly on your newly acquired adpacks. This is a great feature but I am really hoping that it gets lowered to 10% as 20% is just too much in my opinion.

With the 20% Fast Track Program and a daily limit of 12% (0.5% every hour) the revenue has been the max since Day 1. The revenue is always the maximum because enough sales are being generated every single day to payout the maximum to all the active adpacks and save some for the coming days. I believe that right now there is enough revenue to pay the max for an entire week or more thanks to the 100% repurchase weekend but that is just another guess. The fact though is that we have been receiving the maximum since day 1. Here are the stats.

JubyAdBank Daily % Revenue

29th August
All Adpacks earned : 30%

30th August
New Adpacks earned : 32.3%
Old Adpacks earned : 12%

31st August to 7th September
New Adpacks earned daily : 32%
Old Adpacks earned : 12%


JubyAdBank Domains

I believe in the administration of JubyAdBank and also the members. I trust that this program will be around for a good period of time, specially compared to other revenue sharing programs that normally disappear within a day or two and so I purchase a set of domains for JubyAdBank.

Normally rev sharing programs are lasting from 1-3 days, a small percent last a week and bout 2-3 make it past the month time frame if they are paying good like JAB. 1% daily does not count in my opinion as you can literally last years paying that much, revenue sharing programs are now known for sharing high daily revenue each passing day. I consider high anything that is about 4%.

I bought the following four domains :
jubyadbank.co, jubyadbank.info, jubyadbank.net and jubyadbank.org

JubyAdBank Domains owned by strosdegoz

Since I have too many of these domains I am willing to sell a few, if you want to buy one or two from me feel free to contact me.

This is all I have for now but I will definitely will post some more updates, stats, payment proof and more in the coming days, weeks and hopefully months.

Do you think JubyAdBank is here for the long term?
Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

JubyAdBank Logo

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

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