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JubyAdBank Introduction

JubyAdBank its the new program from the JubyAdShare admin, as many people already know the JubyAdShare admin is support dedicated and worked for over 6 months to deliver JubyAdShare.

The program became and instant success and a complete game changer with the revenue sharing limit per cycle. Victim of its own success some hackers took advantage of the instant payment feature to break the program down.

By popular demand the JubyAdShare team launched JubyAdBank (Juby 2.0) which has all the great features of the former Juby plus many more to ensure a long lifespan for the program.

Please read all the details, every single feature to support a rev share longevity is found here at JubyAdBank.
My personal thoughts added at the bottom of this post.

JubyAdBank Join Here :: http://www.jubyadbank.com/?ref=strosdegoz

Update : Some of the aspect of JubyAdBank has been optimized, please make sure to get the final details from the official website.

JubyAdBank Review
Product, Plan & Unique Features

JubyAdBank Product

No exception to the rule, as the product JAB is offering various advertising services through its advertising platform. As usual with a 100% revenue share program, all the income generated through ad sales will be shared with the members.

They offer Business Direct Listing, Banner Ads, Paid To Click Ads, Shopping Mall and Bulk Email Credits to contact thousands of targeted prospects.

As most of the active members know banner ads and other ads services in big revenue sharing programs works great. The results have demonstrated to be worth every single time to spend your advertising dollars in revenue shares that are doing good. This is backed up by simple logic, people are already making money and the traffic is targeted.


JubyAdBank Referral Program

The referral program is simple but with a little twist. You will earn 10% on every purchase made by your referrals on your 1st level on adpacks and advertising.

Out of the commissions you earn for each sale, 50% will go to your repurchase balance and 50% will go to your cash balance which is available for withdrawal.


JubyAdBank Revenue Sharing Plan

This is where JAB does the it’s best. The main feature being a limit on the amount shared per hour but at the same time the optional weekly subscriptions that will add a huge boost to the revenue pool.

All the programs that I’ve known that offers a passive income (no sponsoring required to earn) and last for over 6 months have a fee that members need to pay every month or week. In some cases this fee is optional, in some offers it offers additional benefits etc but the fee most be there to increase longevity.

Let me go through each part of the revenue sharing program in detail.

*  Each ad-pack costs $20.
Each package costs only $20 and your income will depend on your membership level. Your packages will mature at 125%, 130% or 135% depending on which level you choose.

* Adpack First Day Fast Track Revenue Share.
Every new adpack purchased or repurchased will receive a fast track on the first day and earn more than all the others older shares. This is like the AMP feature where new shares earn the most.

* Revenue is shared hourly capped at 12% daily.
All revenue will be shared every 60 minutes to all active shares equally. Maximum will be 12% daily and any additional revenue will be saved for the following day.

* 3 Levels of Membership.
Depending on the membership level you choose your package payout will vary and your surfing requirements.
1 – Regular Shareholder :: No subscription fee :: Adpacks expires at 125%
Surf 10 ads daily to Earn.

2 – Premium Shareholder :: $5 weekly :: Adpacks expires at 130%
Surf 5 ads daily to Earn.

3 – Advanced Shareholder :: $15 weekly :: Adpacks expires at 135%
No need to surf to Earn.

* Deposits, Withdrawals & Fees.
Minimum deposit and withdrawal is $10. There is a 4% processor deposit fee and no withdrawal fee.
Members are allowed 1 withdrawal every 12 hours (Twice per day) and must have at least one active adpack to withdraw.

* Repurchase Rule 75/25
The repurchase rule starts at 25% for everybody. So 75% of all the revenue sharing income will automatically be allocated to your cash balance available for wtihdrawal. The remaining 25% will go to ewallet and be available for repurchase.

– Any member that earns over $300 above its deposit will automatically go to 30% repurchase balance on all revenue share earnings.
– Above $500 it goes to 40% repurchase.
– Above $1,000 it goes to 50% repurchase.
– Free members with shares go automatically into the 50% repurchase category.

Remember that all referral commissions will also follow the 50/50 rule.

Note : There is a part that I don’t understand on the PDF about the repurchase rule which will be clarified as soon as I get a reply from admin, don’t know if it is a typo or confusion, in the meantime you can get the official details by going to my ref link and checking the pdf there.


My Personal Thoughts & Opinion

Innovations pays and hard work sales. Just like we saw the dedication with JubyAdShare the admin here did a tremendous job.

The website design is clean and professional. All the details has been studied to the fullest and lots of time and money invested in building the program.

There are tons of safeguards and key features to keep the program running for a long term.

Hit & Run protection with the repurchase rule. This protects everyone specially the small investors when someone comes in with $15,000 and then simply wants to withdraw it all after 5 days of 100% compound. With the repurchase rule you know that the money will keep on cycling and make it fair for everyone.

Referral Income protection. I am not against people earning for referring others, in fact I know that the lifeblood of any program or company is product sales and to generate sales you need promoters even though here we have a protection that benefits both sides.

Security for withdrawals, DDOS protection and much more with 100% fully customized script.

My mindset is positive and you can clearly see the hard work by just going to the website  but in the end it will all depend on the members.

Remember to always spend only what you can afford to loose and not to put all of your eggs in one basket.

For any questions feel free to contact me.

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

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