JubyAdBank Is Live! Never Too Late To Join

JubyAdBank Is Live

It’s Never Too Late To Join

JubyAdBank is now live and all of the website features are fully active. It is never too late to join with JubyAdBank there is an unique Fast Track Program in place and only minutes after launching I earned 18% for my newly purchased shares.

That is on top of the max 12% daily cap which will be shared at a rate of more likely 0.5% hourly. So it is never too late to join as the revenue is distributed evenly throughout the day.

If you are just starting out JubyAdBank I recommend you read by review here :
JubyAdBank Review – A Revenue Share Revolution

There are few things that you need to know before getting started.

1 – Always make sure to purchase your membership level before your Adpackages. You can earn up to 135% on each share but for that you need to be at the Advanced Shareholrder level, the cost is only $15 and to get this benefit you need to upgrade before buying your adpacks.

2 – The second important detail are the repurchase. You will have repurchase balance from your earnings and referral commissions. To be able to buy new shares even with your cash balance which is the balance that is available for withdrawal you need to send it back to your ewallet and then repurchase.

To transfer funds from your cash balance to your ewallet just click on the “Request Cashout” option on the left menu and there in the drop down menu choose “Send Back To Purchase Ewallet”, the rest just follow the on screen instructions.

It doesn’t matter if you upgrade now or later, the max you can miss is just 0.5-12% in an entire 24 hours period.

So keep in mind, when you purchase shares you will earn an instant Fast Track Bonus of around 20% which you can withdraw, repurchase or spend on advertising, so it doesn’t matter when you join you will still earn over 20% revenue right on day 1.

Join now through the link below…

So go ahead, upgrade and start repurchasing, you will earn your instant Fast Track bonuses as soon as you purchase new shares.


Any questions use the comment section below.

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

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