JubyAdBank Closure

Revenue Share Period Is Over

If you have been in the industry for several years you will notice that type of programs momentum comes in cycles. You see matrix programs going hot for several months, then it is daily fixed rate programs, then cyclers, then revenue shares and so on. The cycle goes back and forth and if you want to survive in this extremely harsh industry then you need to adapt.

Revenue sharing programs are nothing new, they have been around for many, many years in the past these were one of the most common type of programs with some lasting for years. This time last year we were mainly focused in the daily subscription company forced matrix. We were also pretty close into Penny Auctions, remember about that one?

JubyAdBank officially announced its closure today. The program had unique compensation plan, massive support and yet it didn’t live to its expectations and that is mainly because of the lack of growth which can be blamed on the lost of interest for revenue sharing programs. The admin ran a fair program and paid all the way to the end, even when he could have taken off when the STP Upgrades happened, he still came back and paid over $30,000 in pending withdrawals, with that said it is time to move on.

Hopefully you played smart and followed the golden rules.
– Invest only what you can afford to lose.
– Practice good account management by not only repurchasing but by also withdrawing your principal as soon as possible.
– Stay diversified, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

I know that 95% of all of my referrals followed these rules as I emphasized them just too much and got out in profit but still need to mention them in case any beginners are reading.

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Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

4 thoughts on “JubyAdBank Official Closure Notice

  1. Hi Jimenez ,can u please add a date to your article so that we can know even some days after when it has been published.thanks

    • Thanks for the suggestions, for improved SEO the Theme removes the date but I will now add the date to every new posts that is related to income opportunities and not other topics such as Advertising, Learning Curve, etc.

      Thanks Again

      • hi Jimenez,i see that there is too many monitors for classic HYIP programs,are there also monitors or blogs for revshare programs,yours excluded?

        • Yes there are a few but not like traditional Hyip monitors, just members sharing what programs they get in rather than monitoring all the rev shares around.

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