JubyAdBanks More Improvements for Longevity

JubyAdBanks Long Term Revenue Share

JubyAdBank Update

JubyAdBank launched two days ago on the 29th August without any technical problems. The program has been growing smoothly and the entire membership is happy with what they are seeing.

Support is great by the members to the program and from the program to the members.

JubyAdBank Payments are processed almost instantly though they are kept manual for security reasons.

The admin is actively engaged in the growth, stability and success of the program as well as buying advertising on a daily basis to attract new customers.

You can now see JAB banner ads on all the major revenue sharing websites and forums, on top of this additional improvements has been discussed and are in the process of being implemented, this features raised my confidence level by an additional 100%. My trust in JubyAdBank was already 120% and now it was raised to 220%.

Keep reading below to get all the details about the new features that will be implemented, after you read them you can easily realize that this program is here to stay.


JAB Improvements for Longevity

We have already seen too many programs come and go this year with the boom of revenue sharing programs, with all these programs coming and going the top priority for every admin became sustaining his program for the long term.

JubyAdBank started with everything in place to make it a successful, long term revenue share and that can be seen already as two days passed with maximum earnings, growing membership and only 10% of withdrawals vs total deposits.

On top of that even though things are progressing as it should, JAB Admin team is improving the system even further by adding more security for stability.

Here are the new features that increased my confidence level with JubyAdBank from 120% to 220%.

Note : The official update about these new features will be sent out soon. If there are any changes this post will be updated to reflect them, right now these are not final until implemented so read them just to get an idea as to what is coming and don’t take it as official.

1 – Withdrawals : The withdrawals has been improved. Now the that each member can withdraw will be $150 daily, Monday through Friday, Fast Manual Payments.

This will give the members a total of $750 / week or $3,000 / month. The non weekend withdrawals will allow more time for admin to double check the system over and over to always make sure that hackers do not get in, take a break from time to time and also protect the program in its most vulnerable days… Weekend. (Confirmed)

Every new feature is always open for review and future modifications if it is in the best interest of the members and the program success.

2 – Fast Track Program : The Fast Track program is something unique that lets you earn instantly on your own shares as soon as buy them. The earnings of the fast track program will be set at an instant 10% of your own purchase. So if you purchase $200 worth of adpacks, you will instantly earn $20. (Confirmed/Implemented)

On top of that all the earnings in JubyAdBank are affected by a repurchase rule depending on your income level, to the Fast Track Program a 50/50 rule will be implemented where 50% of the earnings goes into your repurchase balance and the remaining 50% to your cash balance. (Unconfirmed)

Note : The fast track 50/50 hasn’t been coded yet and I cannot confirm it until the admin actually implements it or sends the official update.

All the features described above are on top of the official features we see on the JubyAdBank Review – A Revenue Share Revolution

As you can see it is quite easy to be confident in this system and program when such amazing features are in place. I am really looking forward to being an active members in JubyAdBanks for many months.

With YOUR support, My support and the admin support, we can make this program a long lasting one.

Payments are processed almost instantly with SolidTrust Pay, Perfect Money and EgoPay accepted and the administration is always there to support you.

For any questions or comments, please use the section below…


JubyAdBank – Click here to Join Now

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

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