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JubyAdShare Introduction

JubyAdShare is open for registration and it’s a program that I fully support. JubyAdShare has been in the making for over 6 months and what is really unique about this Profit / Revenue sharing program is the time, money, effort and dedication that the admin has put into it.

JubyAdShare has been carefully planned to provide sustainable returns, all it needs now is the support of the members (our support).

– JAS is using the ShadowScript script which is top-notch and fully secured.
– Everything has been customized to fit the taste of the admin and members.
– The admin is fully open to critics, suggestions and communication is good.
– Payments are promised to be processed daily and super fast.
– As a bonus the admin is also available on the MMG forum.

Now let’s fully review the program and it’s revenue sharing compensation plan.


JubyAdShare Review

The amount of new revenue sharing programs launching the past few weeks is simply ridiculous. I said to myself that I wouldn’t participate in anymore of these but this one has a supportive admin that put lots of work into the program, so it has a huge chance of becoming big and successful, specially if we support it.

To start JubyAdShare accepts all major payment processors. Lately we are seeing most of the rev shares going only for one or two processors when we know that more is better. The more processors a program has the wider the audience it can reach.

JAS is accepting SolidTrust Pay, Perfect Money, PayZa & EgoPay. All the payment processors are fully integrated and working flawlessly.

Revenue Sharing

The revenue you will earn will be based on the amount of profit advertising packages that you purchase.
Each Adpack cost $10 with 3 Different Levels.

JubyBronze: 1-30 adpacks and they will mature at 120% ($12).
JubySilver: 31-60 adpacks and they will mature at 125% ($12.5).
JubyGold: 61-100 adpacks and they will mature at 130% ($13).

There is a 30% repurchase rule which will help in maintaining sustainability.

The revenue is shared every 10 minutes.

Referral Program

There are two levels of referral commissions. Free members can refer and earn and the minimum withdrawal is just $5. So everybody has a chance to earn.

Level 1: 8% Referral Commissions
Level 2: 2% Referral Commissions

100% of all the income generated will be shared with the members.

There are tons of ad space distributed over the website to generate the maximum possible revenue.

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

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