Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

Learn your business

When you have chosen an online business that you feel is right for you, now is the time to “Learn your Biz.” Take time to really understand what you have.

Knowledge is power. What is the Product? What type of Pay plan?

How many people in your downline will it take to break even.

Learn your business inside out, the Knowledge will assist you in making it simple for others to understand.
Do the Math. Breaking even is the very first step. Once you are at Break even point the next step will be to begin earning profit. Do not have too high expectations at the start.
If you are serious about creating an online income you will also put in time and effort learning List Building and Promotion techniques.

ITS ALL IN THE LIST is truer now than ever.
Link up with Good Leader. A Good leader will assist with your promotional tools, using his years of experience learning this trade. Trade is what it is. Like any trade, Knowledge is Power.
Always allow at least 6 months of total commitment before you throw in the towel. Use your Knowledge of Your business to explain to others and teach them to follow in your footsteps. So many people jump on the supposedly Next Big Thing and have NO idea what they have joined and spent money on. Keep your referrals updated at all times and request them to pass on any information to their referrals. If you have chosen wisely with a Real online business, work and effort can only take you one place.

That is UP.

Beware joining the Hyped up programs, most are short lived money games and if you do join these, be prepared to lose your money, NO tears please, a good gambler takes the losses with the winnings.
These Money games are Gambling, sure you could get lucky, you could also win the Lottery, but it’s highly unlikely. Next is positioning, this can be a great advantage, but unless you have inside knowledge from the Gurus, you are likely to fall for every email stating, “I am top line to the biggest leader” . Just about everyone uses this line in promoting, be wary, ask for proof.

A list is good, but for newbies online, the best advice is to “Do one step at a time.” So you have gained the knowledge, you know your business inside out, now begin talking to warm contacts One at a time. Do your best, if they express NO interest whatsoever, Move On, don’t beat a dead horse, this is time consuming and a waste of effort.

Move to the next person and start again. This is an old networking story. I once asked a very successful networker what was the secret of his success.
He replied with this story. There is a field full of cows, the young bull runs down and around in circles not knowing which cow to start with, he gets no where fast! The old wise bull, stands at the top of the hill and chooses. He goes slow, and approaches one cow at a time and successfully gets to the whole herd. I hope you get this meaning, I did and it works. Take your time and approach one person at a time. Explain everything to them, do it well and you have lightened your load.

If they also have the Knowledge they will not need to come asking questions every 5 minutes, which is time you can use approaching another for your business.
Knowledge is Power, Time is money, it’s precious.

Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana

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