Latest Text Ad Brokers Update!

Here is an email I just received about Search Ad Brokers and Text Ad Brokers, what I can spot right from looking at this email is that maybe this program was sold to someone with a true vision, with that said I would be more than happy to have an advertising platform such as Adhitz, Bidvertiser, etc where I can share in the profits they make.

We will see what else they have to say.

If you didn’t get the email update read it below :

Search AD BrokersĀ  / TAB

we are moving along with the much anticipated keyword trading application we have been talking about. It is my pleasure to let you know that we are in the final stages of our unit testing and will be performing an alpha test to ensure that all of the components of this system are working properly.

Once we are finished with the alpha test we will be migrating your account information over to the new system through our live support system this will take some time but once it is completed you will have a Permanent Profit share status in the new system.

If you were a member of TAB you will find a permanent TAB credit value in your account based on the amount of positions you purchased as well as the BOD (board Of Directors Bonus) if it applies to your account.
TAB Credits are paid from advertising revenue, this will be low for the first few months as we develop a fully customized advertising and publishing platform, this platform will be integrated into the back office of the Key word platform.

The advertising PS will be paid out once per month and the credits will not reset to 0.

sab members will be receiving SAB credits in the Key Word trading repository of the keyword platform, along with your SAB credits we will be issuing your Key Word and Advertising credits

During the beta launch

during Beta Launch we will activate the key word trading platform and profit share system, During this phase SAB members will receive their SAB credits,

the important thing to remember is that in the key word system there is a profit share system in place, members participating in key word trading activity will receive profit share credits and will get paid dividends once a month. Once a profit Month is calculated and paid credits are reset to 0 EXCEPT in the case of Permanent SAB credits.


We are in the process of setting up the corporate accounts to handle all the legal, it is important that you all know that while we are going to honor the SAB and TAB commitments that were made, that this new company will have no connection to TAB and SAB or any other website or corporate entity.

Hitcrawler will remain in our branding control and in the future will house our advertising sales center.

For members of the old site TAB and SAB we want you to know that those brands are no longer under our control. I will have additional information regarding this issue when it is avilable.

Just wanted to share, it was interesting to receive an update even after their website is down and not paying.

I know you have something to say about this so please leave your comments in the section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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  1. I find this interesting,and curious why there is’nt anyone responding to it.