Liberty Reserve Shut Down on BBC News

BBC NEWS Confirms
Liberty Reserve Shut Down

BBC, Your Credible Source

Many people wouldn’t believe the fact that Liberty Reserve offices were raided, computers, documents, phones and more seized and their operation shut down. Even with all the news circulating the internet, some people were still skeptical unless they heard it from someone “trusted.”

Unfortunately for those people that source they were looking for has come out. BBC News reports on the shut down of Liberty Reserve after the owner (Arthur Budovsky) was arrested.

Here is the link to the official BBC UK News Report


Liberty Reserve BBC News UK

Another major news channel is Spiegel Online Netzwelt.

Here is the link to Spiegel Online report.

DIGITALE Währung: Liberty Reserve ist offline


Again, I feel for those that lost money in this situation and I hope that in someway you can get it back.

For now always make sure not to leave a lot of money behind in any payment processor and diversify your funds from payment processor to payment processor.

I had a person thank me for a suggestion that I shared some time ago about not leaving money in payment processors which helped him avoid the situation above.

You can always use SolidTrust Pay if you want a stable payment processor with low fees or EgoPay for complete anonymity just like Liberty Reserve had.

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