Liberty Reserve Shutdown On The NEWS (VIDEO)

Liberty Reserve Owner

Liberty Reserve Shutdown News Video

Our industry is going crazy as the Liberty Reserve website went down around 18-24 hours ago.

Like it happens with any big issue there are always lots of different stories as to what really happened and what is happening.

I don’t know by a 100% if Liberty Reserve was shutdown but it is definitely looking like that is the case. I am just sharing information so you can know what is going on and then reach your own conclusion.

The Liberty Reserve website is completely inaccessible and it’s showing as their new Name Server. Which is some sort of cyber crime fighting agency.

You can see it here :
This was updated the 24th May 2013.

The name Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk, was new to me until today because I am not a big user of Liberty Reserve but for many that is a famous name.

Below is a link to a news video in Spanish reporting on the arrest of Arthur Budovsky.

I will translate to English for those that do not understand Spanish.

NOTE : I don’t know many of the technical terms used in these police investigations and the person giving the press conference mixes up the words, but I will do my best to translate it so you can understand what they are talking about.

News Video Link :

Titulo de la noticia
Detienen a tico en España vinculado con millonario fraude electrónico

News title
Man detained in Spain linked to millionaire electronic fraud


Este condominio ubicado en Santa Ana fue parte de una serie de allanamientos que realizo la seccion de lavado de dinero OIJ en conjunto con la fiscalia contra la delincuencia organizada.

La diligencia se realizo tras la detencion en España de un hombre nacionalizado costarricense identificado como Arthur Budovsky.

A el y a otras 10 personas los investigan por un fraude multi nacional  electronico por varios millones de dolares. Esto lo realizaron supuestamente mediante la creaccion de una moneda electronica

… Si esta pagina de internet, eehh, ustedes le da la oportunidad al usuario de abrir una cuenta, donde deposita dinero y puede utilizar luego ese dinero  para hacer pagos o convertilos en efectivo.

… Esta empresa a raiz de las investigaciones que se estaban llevando acabo aca y en Estados Unidos cierra y despide a sus empleados en el 2011, basicamente por que no habian obtenido la licencia del subjefe.

En Costa Rica decomisaron servidores informaticos, documentacion, computadoras y telefonos. Ademas tras vehiculos Roll royce y jaguar valorados en algunos menos de medio millon de dolares

… La causa se encuentra abierta en Costa Rica y se a solicitado  colaboraciones internacionales a los Estados Unidos, y en esta ocasion es los EEUU, quien,  las autoridades, nos piden una colaboracion  internacional para hacer estos allanamientos.

Por otro parte el hombre que fue arrestado en España quedaria a las ordenes de EU.


This condominium (the one seen on the video) located in Santa Ana has been part of a series of raids that were conducted by the “OIJ” money laundering division in conjuction with the D.A. against organized crime.

The diligence was conducted in Spain after a man by the name of Arthur Budovsky with Costa Rican nationality was arrested.

Him and another ten person are being investigated for multinational electronic fraud in the range of several millions of dollars. This was allegedly achieved through the creation of an electronic currency.

… Yes this website gives the the chance as a member to open an account where you can deposit money and then use it to make payments or withdraw it as cash.

… This enterprise was closed due to the investigation that were taking place here and in the USA, it fires its employees in 2011, basically because they didn’t get the license from the deputy.

In Costa Rica servers, documents, computers and telephones were seized. On top of that vehicles Roll Royce and Jaguar valued at a bit less than half of million us dollars.

… The case remains open in Costa Rica and the assistance of the United States has been requested. In this case it was the United Sates who asked to international collaboration to do these raids.

On another hand the man arrested in Spain remains under the jurisdiction of the United States.

Well that’s it folks, there you have it.

I am sharing this for educational purpose only and I am in no way related to it.

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You can always use EgoPay as a substitution to Liberty Reserve.
Me Sincerely,
Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)
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5 thoughts on “Liberty Reserve Shutdown On The NEWS (VIDEO)

  1. Libertyreserve not come back???

  2. Arsii King says:

    I once read somewhere on your blog about 2 months ago in which you wrote something like “Diversify your income in various processor” . I did the same and now I feel good than most of the other people. 1LR value in Pakistan is almost 1.05-1.07$ and that of STP and payza is 0.9-0.85$. if LR is officially shut down I guess I am at loss of about 300$ instead of 1400$. . Now I will make sure to cash out my funds as soon as possible in future. It is a big setback to this industry but lets hope for the best and prepare for the worse.

  3. Update from MMG :

    I’m from Costa Rica and the mentioned media on the news sources are reliable.

    Although the LR owner arrest in Spain and the raid of his offices
    (including computers and SERVERS) and properties in Costa Rica is not
    big deal here.

    So, sorry for many of you that had hopes that the news was false or unreliable and also sorry for your losses.

    P.S. Liberty Reserve had to close its offices and fire employees in
    Costa Rica in 2011. Because failed to demonstrate the legitimacy of its
    operations to SUGEF.

    SUGEF: Entity that is responsible for exercising control over the country’s financial sector.

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