Liberty Reserve USA Domain Seized

Liberty Reserve Domain
Seized by USA

Liberty Reserve Shut Down

For some people all the news about Liberty Reserve being shut down and the owners arrested wasn’t enough for them to believe the news.

Even though it is very bad news for millions of people we still need to face facts and learn to accept reality. As I posted here on the 25th May, Liberty Reserve has been shut down by the Costa Rican authorities and the owner arrested in Spain.

Yesterday the report became so wide-spread that even BBC UK reported the news and now an official Domain Seized image has been uploaded to the Liberty Reserve website.

This is what you can see now when you try to access

Liberty Reserve Domain Seized by DOJ, FBI, USA

It doesn’t  matter what some people believe anymore, this is it.

This is my last past on this issue. I hope that you found my reports fair and timely on this issue.

This isn’t the first time that a Payment Processor has been shut down by various intelligence and enforcement agencies around the world, it also happened with : StormPay, E-gold and Ebullion.

Whichever payment processor takes Liberty Reserve place will become the first target in the future to be shut down but there are already tons of candidates including Perfect Money which no longer accepts members from the USA.

If this doesn’t make it official then I don’t know what will.

Liberty Reserve Court Document

Here is the court document with the charges, names and all the official details of the Liberty Reserve raid.

Liberty Reserve Court Document Defendants Image

As you can see from the image above all the famous names are listed as defendants.

Arthur Budovsky (Arthur Belanchuk, Eric Paltz), Vladimir Kats (Ragnar), Ahmed Yassine Abdelghani (Alex), Allan Estban Hidalgo Jimenez (Allan Garcia), Azzeddine El Amine, Mark Marmilev (Marko, Mark Halls) and Maxim Chukharev.

Some of the details on the court document.

Count 1 – Conspiracy to commit money laundering
Count 2 – Conspiracy to Operate Unlicensed Money Transmitting Business
Count 3 – Operation of an Unlicensed Money Transmitting Business

Their websites / domain names :

You can also see the FBI official announcements and documentation below :

This became from being the industry top news to a fight between the deniers and the believers. Well facts are facts and the fact is that Liberty Reserve has been shut down and that already for almost a week.

You can always use EgoPay as a substitution to Liberty Reserve.
Me Sincerely,
Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)
Skype : strosdegoz

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