LikesXL Passive Profit Sharing Program Takes The Net By Storm

LikesXL This is a step beyond Revenue Sharing. A few things prove this is different at first glance. TWO things separate it from any revenue share deal I have seen.


  1. A) NO payment processors you can actually fund your account with a credit card or bank wire. Only real companies allow this.


  1. B) NO ads from members. This to me is HUGE. The only people they want advertising on their platform is major advertisers who will pay for real advertising with guaranteed views to their offer so the company can make a PROFIT that we get to share in.


The concept is simple and not new but one company seems to have developed it and organized it in a way that average folks like us can profit from it. The company once again is called LikesXL and it is a real major advertising platform where big companies with huge ad budgets pay you money to watch their ads and hopefully purchase their products. Many different products will be offered. Refrigerators, computers, tablets, shoes, fashion, you name it.  And when you buy you will get your money back because your purchases turn into PR Packs. LikesXL is focused on exposure and profits for advertisers and savings and income for consumers. Its win win for everyone who participates and that is a recipe for longevity.   The company seems to have strong leadership and capitalization but the official information will not be available until after the launch.


There is a yearly or monthly fee depending upon the package you choose. There is also a downline upgrade fee which you can pay once per year in order to benefit from the purchases of your downline and then you simply need to purchase your pr packs. These will determine how much you will get paid daily.

  • You enroll in the program at no cost and choose to be passive, active or semi-active. You do this by choosing to purchase an upgrade package that will pay you from the downline below you. The downline will come from a unilevel structure.
  • You choose a monthly package that will allow you to create a passive income for clicking 10 advertiser ads per day. The difference between this profit sharing model and the revenue sharing models is that you CANNOT advertise your website on this platform. The ads will come from big companies like Mercedes, Volvo, Disney Worldwide, Universal Studios, Sony, Gucci, Prada, MacDonalds, Versace, Porsche, Audi,etc etc.,to name just a few. These companies are paying millions in advertising each year and they will pay many millions to this new platform for people to simply view their ads and their offers. It has been thoroughly tested in Norway for over 3 months with 8000 people. The official launch will be on 19th of October but we can enroll and fund our accounts now.
  • What determines how much we will get paid daily is the amount of PR Packs that we purchase. PR packs Never Expire and cost € 50 each.  They will pay between 0.35 € and 1.20 € every day beginning on launch day.  This is a little less than 1% per day in passive income to us and its generated from real profits! In addition we get bonuses paid down to 5 levels deep in a unilevel referrals structure.  We also get paid when people we refer purchase products from the advertisers.  The max number of PR Packs is 900, and will pay between 0.35 € and 1.20 € every day. When you reach 900 Packs the system automatically buys 200 packs per month for you so your earnings continue to increase, and the sponsor keeps being paid €800 (8%) per month on them too.
  • Referral commissions are on sales of PR Packs and from your Purchases and your referrals’ purchases made via the website ads platform.
    So, for example, maybe you want to buy a pair of Gucci shoes and order them from a selected retailer or online shop via the platform with money earned on the platform and after you have paid, say €200 for the shoes, you will get 4 PR Packs back!
  • There seems to be no limits on when you can withdraw and there are no payment processors involved. There is an option withLikesXL to order a EuropaCard.  You can withdraw your earnings to this card and use it as you please or transfer earnings to your bank, it is an international MasterCard.
  • The INCENTIVE Special –
    At present there is a Pre-Launch Incentive Special, that offers you a free trip to the LXL Mediterranean event for two.  If you qualify you will have an opportunity to meet the owners and top leaders. Location, date, and other details will be announced shortly.

To qualify simply complete the following:

  1. Ensure that you have Topped Up (funded from the outside) in LXL with a minimum of € 480.  That gets you the ability to get paid off your downline through 5 levels when you purchase the Downline Upgrade 3 option for € 180, and 6 PR Packs. With the minimum pay out being approximately ¾ of a percent per day the potential with this package is approximately a rebate of 30% per month.
    2.  Refer 6 people personally that deposit and purchase the same € 480 minimum – or more! And you are qualified for the trip!
    3.  Numbers 1 and 2 should be accomplished before the October 19th launch, by midnight of the 18th.  If you are limited to bank wires and the funds might arrive later, send a screenshot of the wire before the deadline to LXL support.


Ready to get started with LikesXL? Enroll Here The least cost way to get positioned is to deposit at least $50 plus 2.5% = 51.25 which will be converted to GBP and cost you about $60 bucks. Your first month will give you the gold membership free and you can upgrade later. This is if you know you will never recruit anyone else into the program.

If you feel you recruit some others at some point consider paying for upgrade 3 which will allow you to get paid off of 5 levels of referrals. The cost is $180. You will also need $55 to pay for your monthly membership fee starting in month 2 and money to purchase your PR packages at a cost of $50 per package.

Best Recommended Approach for Leaders…
1. Register your Membership.
2. Start by Topping Up your account with €260, payable by CC or bank wire.
Use those funds as follows:
3. Buy the  €180 Downline Upgrade #3 – 5 level commissions good for 360 Days (this is not the simple 30 day upgrade).
4. Buy 2 PR Packs at €50 each.
5. After that start building your downline and buy more packs from the referral income.  Remember to add in the 2.5% for the credit card processing. The conversion will automatically be made by your credit card company.

Enroll Here

Participation is simple

  • Choose a membership package. It will have a yearly or monthly fee.
  • Choose a downline upgrade package if you feel you will ever refer anyone.
  • Purchase as many PR Packs as you can afford to buy. This will determine how much you get paid daily.
  • View 10 ads per day starting October 19th
  • Get paid up to 48 times per day
  • Withdraw your profits when you see fit
  • Be smart share the program with others so you can get paid BIG commissions.



Remember to Upgrade FIRST, and then buy your packs. 

Anyone who buys their packs before they upgrade will be locked out of upgrades – and lose all potential commissions for a year!!  Make sure everyone knows this. Everyone should all follow the EXACT sequence of joining / paying as shown very clearly in the company PDF on that subject.  Please remember** If a member makes the mistake of buying packs first, it means that everyone will lose out on commissions, including that member and all their upline.

The sequence to be followed is this:
1.  Register and join here =>
2.  Top Up (fund) your account – suggested minimum is with 280 euros but you will need at least $60 if you want to be passive and know you will never refer anyone.
3.  Select DOWLINE Upgrade and Upgrade3 – Yes, the number 3.  It is good for commissions through 5 levels for a year.  NO 30 day upgrade should be purchased, and the 360 day Upgrade2 locks you in for a year and causes you to miss your potential full income for a full year!  Go for the Upgrade 3 only if you are going to be active.
4.  Buy PR Packs with remaining funds.

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