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Introduction – Blog History

Hello everyone, how are you doing? 😛

My DoNothingMoney Blog has 4 main categories and I wanted to remind you about each and everyone one of them. I started blogging because I wanted to have a ‘library’ of instructions, tutorials, how-to, strategies and explanations on how to promote, advertise, market, make sales, refer others and all those activities online. Each time I become a member of a new program and referred other affiliates I ended up with the same basic questions : “How Do I Get Started?”, “How Can I Refer Others?”, “How To Generate Traffic?”, etc. So I started blogging.

At that time I had a small list of readers that were following certain programs that I was a member off, so I started to write all of the methods I used to promote online and at the same time share the Income Opportunities and any method that was available out there to make money.

As time passed I decided to share some of the basic Multi Level Marketing knowledge that I had based on experience to increase traffic to my blog and add additional content. Finally I started to receive many requests on information about Blogging. My readers wanted to know “How To Start My Own Blog?“.

That leaves us with the following :

  • Advertising Guides & Strategies
  • Make Money – Income Opportunities
  • MLM – The Learning Curve
  • Blogging – How To Start Your Own Blog


DoNothingMoney Blog

Here is a short description for all the main categories and sections of the blog, highest priority at the top, lower priority at the bottom.
Clicking on the title will take you to that section of the blog (Opens in a new window).


Advertising Guides & Strategies

The most important part of my blog is the Advertising, Guirdes, Strategies,  How-To’s & Tutorials. In this section I provide detailed, Step by Step instructions on how to advertise online. How to make sales, refer others, generate traffic, make money, commissions, etc. In most of the cases I use illustrations (screen shots) to make it really easy to understand and follow.

Articles in this section have a wide variety of topics, you can find Tutorials on how to set up a Banner Advertising Campaign with Google Adwords and many other popular sources like Bidvertiser, Adhitz & Adbrite.

The best way to write and set up your Text Ads, How to successfully promote using Traffic Exchangers and A Beginners guides on how to use Solo Ads Marketing plus many, many others.


Make Money – Income Opportunities

This section is really simple and it contains all of the programs that I am currently using to generate income. These programs are the most stable, long term and profitable in my port-folio and if you find anything listed there you can join without hesitating.

You will find Affiliate Programs like iPage & Aweber, Multi Level Marketing like Trivita and shorter term programs.

Readers favorite are Passive Income programs where you can earn money without the need of making sales (referring others), the risk of participating in these programs is fairly higher than any other type of program listed in this section.


Blogging – Start Your Own Blog

Plain and simple, Step by Step instructions on how to set up your own blog. You can start blogging in less than 10 minutes for FREE or you can choose the more advanced and profitable approach by going for the self-hosted (paid) blog. If you want to start blogging then here you can find the most detailed step by step instructions on the net.

Not only you can find starters tutorials but SEO & miscellaneous about blogging are also there.


MLM – The Learning Curve

Here you can find a set of random articles about Multi Level Marketing, how to approach it, the right mentality and where you should get started. Not to forget the most famous phrase of MLM successful people “The Money Is In The List”, an entire post dedicated to List Building.


Hire ME (Advertising)

In here you can start advertising directly on DoNothingMoney Blog.

I hope you enjoyed this post, this should get you familiarized with the blog and everything in it.

Feel free to leave suggestions or comments in the section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson Eduardo Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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