New "Make Money" Page

New “Make Money” Page


Hello everyone.Today I upgraded the “Make Money” page, this page has a list of all of the Income Opportunities discussed in this blog, by going there you can go directly to the sign up page or additional information.

This page can be found on the Top menu right below the blog title.

The update is meant to give the members / readers of this blog additional information before having to click on anything and make the page more attractive to the eye.

We have 3 different programs category on this section which are the following :

  1. MLM & Affiliate Programs (Long Term)
    In this section, I list the Multi Level Marketing & Affiliate Programs that I am part off, these programs are really stable with over 10 years in business. If you want to make a living online without any risks or doubt this is the section to look at.
  2. Stable Passive Income Programs (No Referring)
    In this section you can find programs where you can simply join and make a deposit and start earning, they normally require no activity from the members at least no sponsoring ever, you will always see just 1-5 programs here because I am not a fan of passive income programs due to their instability and high risk. So the ones you see here are really stable compared to anything else online as I am very careful with these.
  3. Stable Active Programs (Big Money, Low Risk)
    These programs are the best in my book, with some effort and a small fee you can make a lot of money, the normally cost a one time payment and can range anything from few dollars to maximum a few hundreds. The income potential is unlimited and most of them requires only a one time payment.

If you browsed this page before you noticed no details but now you can see the Cost to join the program, if it requires a monthly subscription or not and the payment processor type, in the future I plan to add even more information for your convenience.

I hope that you enjoy the upgraded “Make Money” page and I appreciate any feedback.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)
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