MyLeadCompany Accepting Payments

MyLeadCompany Launch
Now Accepting Members Payments

MyLeadCompany is now accepting payments and you can upgrade your account.

The Different type of membership are weekly subscription but you can decide to cancel anytime if you don’t like what you are seeing. I bought the started pack to see how things go and how the company evolves, if things are moving alone fine then I will upgrade to a bigger package.

The steps to upgrade your account are really simple, just go to and Login, as soon as you do you will be asked to choose which upgrade package you prefer.

You will also see the number of members that already upgraded before you, keep in mind that there are over 16,000 members, so upgrade as fast as you can and take advantage of the early positioning.

If you are not yet a member you can sign up by clicking on the banner below, MyLeadCompany claims to have the first real StraightLine Compensation Plan, where everyone joining after you is in your downline and you earn from there. Other than joining you can also get additional information about the compensation plan by clicking on the banner below.

Nov. 16th Commissions Update

Quick updates from the conference call:

-Leapfrog ran smoothly.

-The developers did not expect this many members, so it took longer than expected. They are currently running all infinity commissions, etc… Everything looks good from J.R.’s back office, it’s a matter of propagating that out to the replicated sites so that it’s visible in your e-wallet that’s taking so long.

-The developers have given J.R. an estimated finish time of noon tomorrow (Refer to your commission countdown – at 12-hours remaining), but are shooting for early morning/midnight. Commissions still need to be requested to be withdrawn from your back office and they are running a TEST BATCH scheduled to happen at 3pm (Refer to commission countdown – at 9-hours remaining). So if you want your money ASAP (and I imagine everyone does) SIGN ON between 12 and 3 to request your withdraw early.

-No one is losing their spot until commissions are run, so no need to worry about making a re-purchase before seeing the commissions.

-Phone numbers of your referrals was made available as of last night, but may be removed temporarily as they are causing some problems.

This is the official message that you will see in your backoffice once you login.

The clock is ticking, every second you wait people are qualifying ahead of you. Time is money. Lock in your qualified position RIGHT NOW to start receiving
Daily Infinity Commissions and to participate in Daily Bonus Pools!
These special commissions and bonuses are beyond what Free Distributors get. Select your lead package below and see how can help you grow your business.

And here are the different upgrade levels, choose the one that suits your pocket best.

That is all for now, good luck to everyone and work hard and you will be rewarded.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (skype : strosdegoz)

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