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Very interesting indeed this new program delivers a true product and a never seem before type compensation plan, is not what we call a passive income but is based on a Single Line (Straightline) where everyone in the program that joins after YOU is UNDER you regardless of who referred this person.

So if you were to join MyLeadCompany right now or at least lock your spot for FREE everyone joining the program after you will be in your DOWNLINE, how cool is that.

Founder & Owner is J.R. Jacking and Master Distributor Chad R. West.

Take the first step and clock your spot by following the link below (No Obligations), after you lock your position then keep on reading for the full details about the product and compensation plan. – JOIN NOW


The product is not new to anyone. Everyone that is related to Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or any other type of sales online is familiar with the word Leads. Leads are contacts that are interested in certain products.

Companies harvest leads through different sources and then sell them at a very high price, online the average lead cost about $6usd each, as you can see really expensive. MyLeadCompany will offer you high quality leads for a much better price.

No matter what company you’re promoting or what program, you’ll benefit from leads this new company will provide for you at reasonable costs.”

I also have some guides that I wrote about generating Free Leads, you can find them here.

Here are the Membership Packages and Levels, as you can see from the image below they have prices for everyone, for as low as $25 all the way to $200. I am guessing that more packages will be available in the future and that members will be able to purchase leads individually.

Compensation Plan

The Payplan is really good and unique and most people will like it for the StraightLine feature which gets every member that joins in the company after you is under you regardless of who sponsored this person, there are also other bonuses, like fast start, leader commissions, bonus pools, etc. See the details below.

MyLeadCompany has designed a compensation plan which:

  • Pays Daily!
  • Provides Truly Unlimited Income Potential!
  • Pays Over And Over Again For Doing The Work Once!
  • Was Created For Both The Full-Time Successful Networker And The Part-Time Person Who Has Never Had Much Success (If Any) In This Industry!

What is different about this plan is what I already mentioned twice, the Single Line, now let me go through the details.
All of the below information is taken from the official website, you can grab it from there by clicking on “Compensation Plan”. – JOIN NOW

4 Main Ways To Earn

 – First Order Bonus (FOB)
You get a 50% commissions from everyone that purchase a lead package using your affiliate link. So if someone buys $600 worth of leads you get $300.

– Daily Infinity Commissions
In this phase of your business you earn DAILY commissions on the entire daily sales volume. This is where the compensation plan starts to get really exciting.

– WorldWide Bonus Pools – Ten 1% Bonus Pools
Do you want to cash in and share in the growth of the entire company? If so you want to qualify for 1, 2, maybe 5 or even all 10 bonus pools!

– Founder Pool – 1%
If you are reading this than we want you to be a Founding Marketing Associate and help us with expanding the MyLeadCompany vision WorldWide. The Click is ticking, join now to become a founding member.

The above are just the titles of each income stream, if you want to read the full details then go here : MyLeadCompany Compensantion Plan.

That is all and I hope you enjoyed reading.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

4 thoughts on “MyLeadCompany

  1. As an affiliate marketer I have tried many of these types of programs in the past with not much success. This one seems a bit different and I will certainly give it chance. Thanks.

  2. Arthur Kerr-Sheppard says:

    Only try it if you like insults. I was told “don’t bother me”, “stop it” and “you’re a Dick” when I asked where my free leads were.